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What You Need to Know About Pranic Healing

Higher Education Articles July 13, 2013

The word “prana” is from the Sanskrit language and means “life force.” So it might not surprise you in the least bit that pranic healing, a proven system of energy ancient medicine, is described as a no-touch energy healing solution. The practice has been around since ancient times, and its development is credited to GrandMaster Choa Kuk Sui. Specifically, pranic healing, according to, is the practice of using “prana” to balance the body’s energy processes. It’s a non-invasive, all-natural healing process. Once clouded in mystery and practiced in secrecy, it’s now practiced in specialty medical centers nationwide.

Pranic healing has also been referred to as psychic healing, faith healing and charismatic healing for its somewhat unconventional take on the path to healing and recovery, but while you may not have heard of the practice, it’s one that has been tried and tested (showing favorable results) and one that can be learned in courses on energy healing and esoteric science.

Simple and Powerful

As we previously told you, pranic healing is a no-touch method based on the principle that the human body is a self-repairing entity and that self-healing is sped by the forces of the sun, air and ground, to address the likes of physical and emotional imbalances. We’ve all seen the Star Wars movies, and we all know about the power of “the force.” In fact, some hypothesize that the supernatural “force” power is somewhat derived from the concept of pranic healing. For instance, the force is described as an energy field that is created by all living things, surrounding and penetrating living creatures. Pranic healing is similar to the force, except it uses the forces of the sun, air and ground to harmonize the body.


Unlike other means of healing and therapy, pranic healing doesn’t require the use of specialty equipment or medicine. Heck, pranic healing doesn’t technically even require physical contact with a subject. This is because the pranic healing practitioner is working with the energy around the body and not the actual physical body itself.

Think of it like this – pranic healing states that physical ailments, before manifesting on a person’s body, first manifest in the energy and aura surrounding the body. This invisible energy body is also known as the “bioplasmic body.”

Life Energy

According to Life Positive, pranic healing believes that prana (life energy) is the catalyst that can speed the human body in the recovery process. In fact, it’s said that when pranic energy is applied to any particular impacted part of the body, if done correctly, the rate of recovery and healing is accelerated significantly. No, modern science isn’t able to measure prana, but practitioners of pranic healing say that shouldn’t overshadow the healing that such a method has led to.


What are the benefits of pranic healing? For starters, studies show that the rate of healing more than doubles in most cases when pranic healing is implemented. There are several other benefits that, according to Life Positive, have proven to be true:

•Bringing down the temperature of children suffering from a high fever or illness. Pranic healing has done this in just hours, while healing the child altogether in a matter of days.
•Provide immediate relief for headaches, muscle pain and related pain.
•Relief for those suffering from coughs or colds.
•Heart problems have also been relieved and healed completely in some cases. The same can be said for other serious illnesses such as kidney disease and liver disease.

Learning It

Pranic healing is considered easy to learn for those that are open-minded and have the ability to concentrate and focus for certain periods of time. It’s primarily practiced in specialty medical centers and can be learned by taking classes, which are offered throughout the country.

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