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What will I Learn in Culinary School?

Higher Education Articles December 20, 2014

You love cooking, serving, and creating tasty, delectable food and showing off your culinary skills to friends. Why not make a career of it? Now you are thinking of attending a culinary school. You’re right—this is a big decision. What is culinary school, and what will you have to learn while attending?

What Will Students Learn When They Attend Culinary Arts School?

According to All Culinary Schools, you will study different facets of the culinary arts and concentrate on sanitation rules and regulations. You will learn how to set a table and learn techniques so that you can take your cooking skills to a higher level. You will learn cutting, chopping, kneading, and beating, all under the supervision of experts that can show you tips and what you may be doing wrong or right.

You learn creation and imagination techniques as well as how to create a beautiful, artistic presentation with the tables you set and the cuisine you have prepared. All of this is done while staying clean and safe for your diners. You also learn about food science and how it pertains to the art of cooking and taste.

A culinary arts school teaches the same things, but not in the same fashion, so it is important to find a school that fits your learning style.

What Is Culinary School, and What Is the Curriculum?

There are different types of courses that you might be interested in studying. You might want to learn overall culinary arts, but there are also courses, such as baking and pastry, that may also interest you. In these courses, you would learn how to cut various fruits for presentation and how to prepare and decorate cakes and desserts.
Students have textbooks to follow throughout the courses, and they do come with quizzes and even some homework. Many of the culinary arts programs require an externship, meaning that they will go out into the real world and work under a chef in a restaurant setting to gain some experience and exposure. Working under a chef will teach you all the ins and outs and tricks and tips of the trade, and you will be able to gain a wealth of knowledge during your externship.

What to Expect

The excitement of attending culinary arts schools and what you will learn will be more complex than you may have thought. Learning cooking tips and techniques will be life-changing lessons that you will take throughout your career. Showing off your skills, expressing creativity, and imagining new ideas, while having a better understanding of how food science works, will be a lot of fun.

You will also have some days or nights of spending long hours on your feet while also dealing with some heavy bags of ingredients and equipment. Knowing some tips and techniques to help you deal with these issues will make culinary arts even more enjoyable for your new career. This is a career you are going to love, so step right up and put your hands in the dough!

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