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Acupuncture Classes and Courses Overview

Majors Overview March 4, 2013

Some healthcare providers use a method known as acupuncture to relieve pain in a patient’s body by moving needles into certain pressure points on the body. Typically, graduate and doctoral degree program will offer acupuncture classes. These courses could be available at the certificate level for current healthcare providers such as holistic medicine professional or chiropractor.

Acupuncture Course Introduction

Three standard formats are covered in acupuncture introductory course: Traditional Japanese Acupuncture (TJA), Acupuncture Physical Medicine (APM), and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In this course, students will learn the methods that are routinely used today along with the history of all three techniques. Students will discover the theories of combining acupuncture and herbs, heating various acupuncture pressure points, and trigger point dry needling.

Physiology and Anatomy Course

Anatomy and physiology coursework teach students how to determine abnormalities by using recognition of the normal functions of the body. Names and functions of the muscular, nervous, integumentary (skin) and skeletal systems are taught to students. This course covers the anatomy of the human body, so students will be able to determine point locations further on in their acupuncture career. Students who take this course at an advanced level will learn about other areas of the human body. These areas could include respiratory systems, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, and reproductive.

Meridian and Trigger Points Course

The human body comprises of twelve meridians that move energy through it; each with its own associated life function. This course teaches students the meridian theory and where the meridians are located. Coursework covers measurement of acupuncture and trigger points for all twelve meridians including the kidney, spleen, liver, stomach and bladder, among others. How therapeutic touch can be sufficient treatment for various health conditions and theories in evaluating the effects of therapeutic touch are covered in this course.

Course in Acupuncture Needles

Techniques of using needles in acupuncture are covered in this course, including insertion and withdrawal of the needle and the appropriate treatment for each patient. Coursework also covers needle complications that can arise with acupuncture; in addition to points on the body that must not receive treatment with needles. Students are also taught various needling techniques.

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