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Airplane Transportation Course and Class Descriptions

Majors Overview March 11, 2013

Airplane transportation classes are available through undergraduate and graduate degree programs in transportation and aviation logistics. Students will learn how flights are schedule, how air system work, and how an airport is organized through these courses.

Air Traffic Control Regulations and Procedures Course

Students enrolled in this course will become familiar with terms commonly used in the aviation industry and learn how to direct planes in taking off and landing. Students will examine arrivals and departures from the perspective of both the pilot and controller, and learn how these roles interact through the airplane transportation class. In this course, students are taught about the regulations governing signals used to convey that an airway is safe for takeoff or landing. They are also trained in the control systems used to ensure that runways are less congested.

Airport Design and Planning Course

This is an intermediate, graduate-level program where students are taught about planning airway systems, including the determination of the length, direction and number of runways on the basis of available space and the neighboring terrain. They also learn about how much it costs to run an airline and how passenger safety can be maintained even when the airline operates at full capacity. Usually, the lessons discuss security and safety issues affecting individual airports and airlines.

Small Aircraft Transportation Systems (SATS) Course

Traffic congestion is a problem that affects all transportation systems, whether referring to flying or driving, and people grappling with the problem are concerned about the amount of time it takes to travel from one point to another. In this course, students become knowledgeable in implementing systems that relieve congestion by using local, small airports to send products less than five hundred miles in a way that is both effective and affordable.

Global Aviation Management Course

This is an advanced, master level course that covers logistics matters for transporting products globally through airplanes. A variety of topics are examined by students as it relate to this matter, including costs, marketing, and air control. Students discuss factors, which influence the trading cost of certain items, such as the markets that desire them and their value.

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