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Animatronics Degree Programs with Career Information

Majors Overview March 25, 2013

The art of using physical objects and robotics to simulate movement in theme parks, commercials, television, and movies is known as animatronics. Colleges and universities do not offer degree programs in animatronics; however, earning a robotics degree will prepare students for careers in animatronics engineering.

Robotics Engineering Bachelor Degree Program

Students will learn how to use and develop computing sensors, devices, and other technological devices to create working, moving robotics. They will be able to apply their knowledge of robotics engineering to eventual careers executing, designing, and conceiving animatronics displays for feature amusement parks and films.

Robotics engineering degree programs are more relevant to a career in animatronics engineering than mechanical engineering, software engineering, electronics engineering and computer engineering programs combined. Students will not only learn the general components of each of these engineering fields in the robotics engineering program, but also learn how to apply these concepts to practical constructing and designing skills in the field of robotics and animatronics.

Education Requirements

Individuals who want to enroll in a robotics engineering bachelor degree program are required to show their high school diploma or General Educational Development (GED) certificate, as well as standardized test scores and strong high school grade point average (GPA). Students who are currently in high school and want to pursue a robotics engineering bachelor degree program will need to consider taking higher-level chemistry, science, and math courses.

Program Coursework

In addition to a strong concentration in engineering, mathematics, and science concepts, the robotics engineering degree program courses include contemporary and ethical issues in the world of robotics. Bachelor degree program in robotics engineering usually includes the subjects listed below:

•Mechanical engineering
•Industrial robotics
•Mechatronics systems
•Modeling of robotics systems
•Robotics engineering
•Foundational theory of robotics
•Introduction to robotics

Career Options

The only career options available to students who are interested in animatronics is an animatronics engineer. Animatronics engineers are people who generally work on movie sets, creating and designing any animatronics creatures or robots. This is a relatively unique position, and only allows a few experts in the field. Therefore, there isn’t a reliable career outlook statistics or salary statistics available. Areas of growth usually come in a form of science fiction and children’s puppetry animatronics.

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