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Associate Degree Program in Animal Management

Majors Overview April 8, 2013

Zoo animal technology is also known as animal management; typically, the degree programs will lead to an associate degree. However, the subject can receive coverage in a bachelor degree program in animal science. Students will be prepared to provide care for, breed, ensure and manage proper housing environment for various animals through this program.

Animal Management Associate Degree Program

Students enrolled in an associate degree program in animal management are taught how to care for animals in an animal care facility such as aquariums and zoos, among others. It takes two years to complete the program where students are taught about record-keeping, monitoring, capture and restraint, training, nutrition, and the importance of conservation. A well-rounded education can be ensured by combining weekly hands-on training with classroom lectures. Admission criteria in animal management programs typically require applicants to hold a high school diploma or equivalent qualification, such as general educational development (GED) certificate.

Program Course Topics

Animal management program curriculum incorporates the characteristics of over five groups of animal species while preparing students to handle the animals in each group in exhibit-based settings. The following subjects are covered in coursework:

•Animal genetics
•Ethics and animal care
•Aquarium training
•Animal nutrition and food
•Animal behavior
•Animal training methods
•Vertebrate biology
•Conservation principles
•Animal breeding
•Exhibit maintenance and creation
•Common zoo diseases

Career Options

Students will receive training in an associate degree program in animal management that provides a comprehensive education, animal care facilities and facilitating a choice of positions in which graduates can work. The following is some job positions:

•Animal trainer
•Zoo keeper

Continuing Education

Concentrations in animal management are offered in some four-year bachelor degree programs in animal sciences. The production, finance and business aspects of animal care are the primary focus of these bachelor degree programs, which, unlike associate programs, include the care of domestic pets such as horses, dogs and cats. Simultaneously, these programs introduce enrolled individuals to maintaining cattle or farm animals that are integral to agriculture in this country. Graduates from the program can seek jobs in animal agriculture or companion animal care.

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