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Associate of Business Degree: Management, Marketing, and Administration

Majors Overview May 21, 2013

Students enrolled in an associate degree program in business are provided with the basic understanding of key areas of administration, marketing and management. Those who graduate from these programs can seek various entry-level positions in business settings such as office administration, market research and project management.

Associate of Business Degree: Management, Marketing, and Administration

Enrollment in an administration, marketing and management associate degree program will help students develop their capacity to provide organizational and analytical services to a variety of industries. The exact degree name may vary, such as Associate of Science (A.S.) or Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degrees. The program may offer coursework that combines various majors such as business management, administration and marketing, and management and marketing. These degree programs are extremely similar in learning outcomes and course content, but A.A.S. programs are usually geared toward students who want to start their career as soon as they have completed the program. To gain admission to these programs, students are required to hold a general educational development (GED) certificate or a high school diploma.

Program Coursework

Typically, courses concentrate on various management topics that solve real-world business problems. Program emphasis may be placed on management, ethics, communications, and skills for developing marketing campaigns, in addition to the development of analytical tools. This degree is designed for individuals who want to acquire a wide range of marketing and business skills. Program course topics may include the following:

•Information technology concepts
•International business
•Tourism and hospitality management
•Legal issues
•Customer service
•Business statistics

Career Options

Associate degree program graduates who want to start their career should pursue entry-level positions in the business field. Individuals may obtain the following career titles:

•Project coordinator
•Office manager
•Advertising sales representative
•Customer service representative
•Administrative assistant

Continuing Education Information

Those who have graduated from an associate degree program in business may choose to continue their education by enrolling in a bachelor degree program in marketing, management or administration. A bachelor degree will be useful for business professionals who seek advancement in their career to occupy management positions. Some associate degree programs allow the direct transfer of credits to a four-year bachelor degree program.

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