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Degree Overview: Associate of Science (A.S.) Degree in Network Security Management

Majors Overview January 27, 2014

Those interested in protecting information and computer networks from dangerous external forces should get an educational background in network security.

A.S. Programs in Network Security Management

Corporations and businesses alike rely on private and public networks for the transfer and storage of vast amounts of data and information. Network security managers are hired by them to ensure the safety of network systems from accidental loss of files and hackers. Students who enroll in two-year associate’s degree programs in network security management are taught about designing and enforcing network security protocols, following proper regulations, recognizing and repairing potential security breaches, and working with teams in a business environment.

Coursework in a majority of associate’s degree programs in network security management is devised to imbue students with a basic understanding of possible threats to computer network systems. Students are also taught about basic management principles, computer programming and logic, computer database administration and cyber laws.

Education Requirements

Associate’s degree programs in network security are usually offered by vocational schools and community colleges. Enrollment requirements are similar in the programs offered by these schools. Admission criteria typically require applicants to hold a GED certificate or high school diploma augmented by math skills, a strong grasp of English, and standard reading.


Coursework in a network security management associate’s degree program includes a wide array of courses including advanced network security administration and basic computer science skills. Topic areas covered by the curriculum include:

•Data communications
•Programming and logic
•Cyber law
•Security administration
•Computer science fundamentals
•Security and loss prevention

Career Choices

Students who successfully complete an associate’s degree in network security management are prepared for various entry-level jobs in the fields of network administration and information technology security including career options such as:

•Network security manager
•Cyber security specialist
•Network administrator
•Computer security specialist

Continuing Education and Certification Choices

Product vendors and software designers award professional certification in the field of information technology and graduates of an associate’s degree in network security management should obtain such certification from companies that offer products related to network security, to make themselves attractive to potential hirers. They can also seek to continue their education by earning a bachelor’s degree in networking administration, information technology security or network security.

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