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Degree Overview: Associate’s (A.A.) Degree in Construction Management Technology

Majors Overview December 1, 2013

Students have the opportunity to learn a large amount of skills, involved in managing construction sites and construction projects, through A.A. programs in construction management technology. In addition, these programs offer a large range of topics, including materials management or drafting for construction, which can lead students to continue their education or entry-level employment in construction management.

A.A. Programs in Constructions Management Technology

Students enrolled in Associate of Construction Management Technology Degree Programs are instructed in the use of a broad array of skills involved in various construction projects. Students can expect to become adept at reading and analyzing blueprints, and surveying sites; they will also be able to comprehend the nature of a variety of building materials. They will also receive training in various skills that can complement the skills related to the construction business; these complementary skills include estimation of construction costs, construction planning and project management. Admission criteria typically require applicants to hold a GED certificate or high school diploma.


Coursework has been devised, in various areas, to help students in understanding the physical elements that construction projects involve. They can also expect to become adept in the skills they would need in order to plan and manage construction projects. Internships in the industry are offered by many programs — participation in these internship programs would help students garner hands-on experience at sites. Coursework includes topic areas such as:

•Blueprint reading and assessment
•Technical writing
•Construction cost estimation
•Computer applications
•Project scheduling
•Architectural drafting
•Construction management
•Construction materials
•Civil engineering

Career Choices

Graduates can expect to find entry-level jobs at construction sites as well as in off-site offices. Although employers prefer a bachelor’s degree, there are many jobs in the construction technology and management that associate degree holders can aspire for once they have sufficient work experience. Commonly sought job opportunities in the field may include:

•Construction office administrator
•Construction project manager
•Construction materials estimator

Certification and Continuing Education Choices

Employers in the construction industry prefer candidates with work experience; however, continued education through enrollment in a bachelor’s degree program in construction management will help enhance a graduate’s career prospects. Students enrolled in some associate degree programs are allowed to use credits earned for transfer into a bachelor’s degree.

Graduates can also seek voluntary professional certification that will help showcase their skills and knowledge to potential job givers, who show a preference for candidates who hold certified credentials offered by organizations such as the American Institute of Constructors and the Construction Management Association of America.

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