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Degree Overview: Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Degree in English Language and Literature

Majors Overview February 11, 2015

Students in bachelor’s degree programs in English language and literature will look into the connections between our cultural history and language as well as develop the ability to understand literature. Students will get a liberal arts education while sharpening their skills in writing, speaking, and interpreting literature.

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Degree Programs in English Language and Literature

People commonly refer to bachelor’s degree programs in English language and literature as English degree programs. Students enrolled in English bachelor’s degree programs are typically offered concentrations within the degree, including teaching, literature, linguistics, and creative writing.

Aside from gaining a grasp of composition and rhetorical theory, students learn to interpret literature through historical and social contexts. Specialized workshops devised to refine creative writing skills are often required to be completed by students that opt for a creative writing concentration. Students may study global, American, and British literature, covering writers throughout the history of these categories.


Apart from general education courses, coursework in English majors covers various authors and genres. Students not only hone their skills as a writer through several classes, but also get a firm grasp of literature and history. Coursework may include the following classes:

•Modern literature
•American literature
•British literature
•Comparative literature
•Creative writing
•Rhetoric and composition
•Criticism and theory

Career Choices

Those that successfully complete bachelor’s degree programs in English language and literature can expect to develop strong critical thinking, communication, and writing skills that may help them seek occupations in various fields. Graduates commonly opt for professions such as:

•Public relations
•Web content development

Continuing Education Choices

Graduates of the bachelor’s degree program may seek continuing education through enrollment in master’s or Ph.D. programs. Students enrolled in English master’s degree programs are offered advanced skills in critical thinking, writing, and oral presentation.

They are also prepared to teach writing and literature at high schools and colleges. Students enrolled in an English Ph.D. program may be offered opportunities to focus on a particular area of study, such as global studies, medieval studies, or women’s studies. Students interested in research careers may pursue Ph.D. degrees.

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