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Degree Overview: Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Degree in Sociology

Majors Overview January 25, 2015

Students in Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree programs in Sociology are offered the chance to study social interactions, societal groups, and human behavior. A B.S. in Sociology is a very useful degree and can be applied to various fields, such as education or business.

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Degree Program in Sociology

A B.S. in Sociology program introduces enrolled students to the sociological perspective; they learn to look at the world in a particular manner, whether examining society or the changes that transpire within it. Studies of various groups and analytical discussions are a component part of the curriculum. Study-abroad programs related to sociological work and internship opportunities are also afforded to students.

Education Requirements

Admission criteria typically require incoming students to hold a GED certificate or a high school diploma. Completion of high school level courses in economics, English, sociology, and government can help prepare students ahead of the program.


Coursework is devised to teach the conceptual tools related to the discipline and includes the study of broad areas such as political economies, social psychology, military sociology, and demography. There is also a focus on more specific societal issues, such as domestic violence, poverty, gangs, or birth control. Core coursework may include subject areas such as the following:

•Race and racism
•Health and illness
•Research methods
•Sociological theory
•Social movements
•Family and society
•Mass media

Career Choices

Given the fact that different aspects of sociology are drawn on by various careers, graduates of the B.S. in Sociology program can seek job opportunities in various related areas, including:

•Social work assistants
•Probation officers
•Market researchers
•Correctional officers

Job and Wage Outlook

An at-par-with-average job growth rate has been predicted for market research analysts, social workers, and probation officers over the 2012 – 2022 decade. In 2012, these professionals brought home average annual wages of $60,300, $44,200 and $48,190, respectively.

Continuing Education Choices

Those that successfully complete a bachelor’s degree program may seek continuing education by earning a master’s degree in sociology. Advanced studies of human behavior, including interactions and relationships, augment coursework, which focuses on qualitative and quantitative research. Master’s degree holders can seek jobs with government agencies and nonprofit foundations or seek continuing education in law or healthcare.

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