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Degree Overview: Bachelor’s Degrees in Computer Drafting

Majors Overview August 8, 2014

Receive information about bachelor’s degree programs in computer drafting and their education requirements, coursework, career choices, wage outlook, and continuing education choices.

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Degree Programs in Computer-Aided Drafting

Ordinarily, in the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD) program, the emphasis is on up-to-date procedures and processes in product performance and quality, and techniques and methods of employing computer software applications. These degree programs cover manufacturing issues related to CAD, such as environmental matters, liability, ethics, and safety. The program may also consider engineering economics, special considerations for international constraints and variables, and the development of marketable products.
Universities and colleges also offer 2 + 2 degree programs. An area technical college offers associate’s degree programs in CAD technology, after completion of which students are allowed to transfer most of the credits to a bachelor’s degree program in CAD offered at a collaborating 4-year university or college.

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Degree Programs in Technology Management

Students enrolled in a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Technology Management program are typically provided with instruction on leadership and management, in addition to CAD skills. These programs also often teach supervisory concepts and methods that can help students communicate effectively in their workplace. Students utilize the use of their CAD skills in the technical and business facets of industries, such as architecture, engineering and manufacturing.

Education Requirements

Incoming students to a bachelor’s degree program in computer drafting are usually not expected to meet any education prerequisites for admission. However, high school level courses in computers, science, art, geometry and algebra may be required to be taken before students are admitted to some universities and colleges.


Schools offer bachelor’s degree programs in computer drafting in on-campus, online and hybrid formats. Common core coursework in most CAD bachelor’s degree programs may include:

•Technical drawing and detailing
•Product design and engineering analysis
•Information technology and society
•Comprehensive 2D applications
•3D CAD and parametric modeling

Career Choices

CAD bachelor’s degree program graduates can aim for entry-level careers as assistants for architects and engineers mainly in the fields of civil, mechanical and structural drafting. They can also seek management and supervisory jobs in government agencies, academia and manufacturing; the job duties may include training new employees, assisting in budget planning and managing inventory control procedures. CAD bachelor’s degree holders can also seek to become:

•Patent developers
•Project leaders
•Design technicians
•Adaptive redesign drafters

Wage Outlook

In May 2012, architectural and civil drafters brought home an average annual wage of $51,250, while mechanical drafters banked $54,510, and electrical and electronics drafters grossed $60,350 on average during that year (U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics).

Continuing Education Choices

While few schools, if any, offer master’s degree programs in CAD, bachelor’s degree CAD holders seeking continued education may pursue a master’s degree in a closely related academic field, such as computer science, architecture or engineering. The American Design Drafting Association offers professional development and certification courses that may be chosen as a continuing education option by those not interested in additional university or college studies.

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