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Earn an Associate’s Degree in Interior Design

Majors Overview April 2, 2014

Receive information about the Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree program in Interior Design and its coursework, career choices, and continuing education choices.

A.A. Programs in Interior Design

Students enrolled in an Associate of Arts in Interior Design program will gain technical and creative skills needed in order to pursue a career in interior design, including entry-level knowledge of computer technology and design ideas. Students will develop skills in basic design concepts and enhance their artistic expertise. After they complete the program, students can expect to become adept at creating innovative and functional design items.

Most schools do not require prerequisites before admitting applicants into the program. However, prospective students would benefit if they possessed a creative mind, artistic skills and an interest in design.


Students are encouraged by program coursework to develop safe and creative design solutions, for the purpose of satisfying customer needs, in accordance with physical space and economic constraints. Coursework includes general education classes and core courses in interior design techniques and ideas. Coursework may include topic areas such as:

•Introduction to fabrics
•Interior design history
•Design ideas
•Introduction to color
•Computer-aided design
•Creative research
•Project planning

Career Choices

Graduates of an associate degree in Interior Design can seek entry-level occupations within the field. Those who enter the workforce immediately, upon completion of the program, may land an internship or trainee position, with a firm or company in the design field. They may also seek other opportunities that may not require direct involvement in designing a space. These may include working for a company that manufactures products employed in interior design. These professionals may choose from job titles such as:

•Product representative
•Interior designer assistant
•Business owner

Continuing Education Choices

Those who successfully complete an associate degree program and wish to continue their education can enroll in a bachelor’s degree program in Interior Design. Most associate degree programs allow students to transfer credits earned towards enrollment into a four-year program. After they complete a bachelor’s degree program, graduates may participate in an apprenticeship program and thereafter seek entry-level jobs as an interior designer (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). Licensure is mandatory in some states for interior designers.

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