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Educational Requirements for an Aeronautical Engineer

Majors Overview November 12, 2012

Aeronautical engineering is a division of aerospace engineering that mainly deals with construction of aircrafts. The degree program in aeronautical engineering is meant for the students who have interest in securing careers that revolve around aviation. You can use the degree in aeronautical engineering either to create a new career or advance an already existing job. The typical degrees in aeronautical engineering are the bachelor and master though a few schools offer the associate degree.

The aeronautical engineering course focus on mathematics, physics as well as other disciplines. To become an aeronautical engineer you will be required to pursue a bachelor degree in aerospace of aeronautical engineering.

The aeronautical or aerospace engineering can take about four to five years to complete due to the breadth of the course. To begin these courses, students usually start by enrolling in physics, chemistry and mathematics that are the core courses of this program. Besides, these engineering programs require students to complete the preliminary labs where they will be introduced to engineering principles that are applied to propulsion as well as flight. After finishing the essential requirements, students will start taking more challenging courses that deals with topics that involves aerodynamics of airplane bodies. Afterwards, students will be introduced to electrical components, structure and flaps, as well as aircraft sensors. Aerospace engineering offers training in power generation. Programs may provide training in aircraft power generation as well as combustion engine design.

During your junior and senior year of the bachelor degree program in aeronautical or aerospace engineering you’ll take part in design and lab courses. In the lab courses, students will be required to carry out research into issues ranging from wing design to construction materials. When carrying out their task, they will be required to simulate flight as well as modify areas where design cannot apply well. With the knowledge earned during the research years in college, the students will be in a position to prepare presentations, test designs, as well as modify models.

In order to qualify and become a licensed professional engineer, graduates in aerospace or aeronautical engineering will be required to take two examinations as well as accumulate four years of work experience in their field. In addition, it is a requirement that graduates work directly with the public to achieve their professional engineer credential. The graduates can become an engineer in training (EIT) on completion of the first exam and this exam can be taken at any time after completing a bachelor degree in either aerospace or aeronautical engineering. After completing the first exam and becoming an engineer in training, the graduates can start on the job training in order to develop their expertise along with work experience in the field of aerospace or aeronautical engineering. After finishing their required work experience, the EITs will meet for their next exam in order to qualify as professional aeronautical or aerospace engineer.

Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineering Statistics

aeronautical aerospace

Top Schools For Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineering Programs

School Name Tuition Size Degrees Granted Degrees Granted By Type
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, GA
$25,716 13,516 316 Bachelor’s (147), Master’s (138),Doctoral (31)
Embry-Riddle – Daytona
Daytona Beach, FL
$29,852 4,453 316 Bachelor’s (259), Master’s (57)
Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN
$25,118 32,499 279 Bachelor’s (159), Master’s (105),Doctoral (15)
University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Ann Arbor, MI
$34,937 27,407 209 Bachelor’s (124), Master’s (72),Doctoral (13)
University of Colorado – Boulder
Boulder, CO
$28,186 27,069 150 Bachelor’s (74), Master’s (61),Doctoral (15)
University of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA
$39,183 16,751 148 Certificate (0), Bachelor’s (48),Master’s (95), Doctoral (5)
Cambridge, MA
$37,782 4,232 139 Bachelor’s (61), Master’s (62),Doctoral (16)
Penn State
University Park, PA
$25,946 37,988 135 Certificate (2), Bachelor’s (103),Master’s (23), Doctoral (7)
Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, VA
$21,878 23,558 128 Bachelor’s (100), Master’s (19),Doctoral (9)
University of Texas – Austin
Austin, TX
$30,006 38,168 124 Bachelor’s (89), Master’s (28),Doctoral (7)

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