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Information on Graduate Courses for Teachers

Majors Overview July 18, 2015

Many universities offer graduate classes for teachers to help them further their education.

Information on Graduate Courses for Teachers

Schools may offer graduate courses for teachers through master’s or doctoral degree programs in education. They also commonly offer the courses as continuing education options. Applicants for admission are usually teachers who seek career advancement or re-certification modes. Four-year universities are among the schools that commonly offer graduate education courses.

Common graduate-level courses for teachers include:

Classroom Management

The focus of the course is on classroom instruction, and students may tailor courses to ensure effective reach towards the specific target age group of the degree program, such as high school or elementary school students. Classes cover classroom discipline, teaching protocols, and strategies for motivating students. Concerns specific to special situations, such as multicultural or urban communities, may be in class discussions.

Curriculum Planning Strategies

This course focuses on the development of activities and tools aim to cultivate learning according to local, state and federal standards and curriculum. Students discuss curriculum-related challenges and possible solutions within classroom sessions.

Professional Conduct

This class may have to be taken by teachers enrolled in graduate degree programs, usually toward the termination of the program. Ethical and legal considerations for classroom teachers are the focus of class discussions. Lectures can include teaching protocols, relevant state and federal laws, and school policies, among other related subject areas.

Research Methods

Enrollees typically treat this required course as groundwork for later classes and take it early in a graduate program. Students learn to read, understand and evaluate the value of original education-related research of others. Students enrolled in most programs are also required to perform some original research.

Teaching Methods

Students in this class are allowed to explore the teacher/student dynamic and become adept at engaging classroom learners. This course requires evaluation by students of teaching methods in specific classroom situations; they take into account social, academic, and economic considerations. Tips teaching how to engage students other than average learners may also be in the coursework.

Technology and Instruction

Students in this class are taught the manner in which and the appropriate time at which to apply technology to age-appropriate courses. Usually involving classroom lectures, this class involves hands-on learning activities in some programs devised to help students select, implement, manage and evaluate a variety of technologies. Students become familiar with software applications and computers, utilities, networking, and tools for productivity and other benefits.

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