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Information on Graduate Degree Programs in Fishery Management

Majors Overview November 14, 2015

Graduate degree programs in fishery management, including the Master of Science (M.S.) program in Wildlife and Fisheries Management, are available through a few schools in the United States. This article talks about these degree programs and their education requirements, coursework, and career choices.

Graduate Programs in Fishery Management

Prospective fishing industry managers, professional fish biologists, conservation administrators, and wildlife area managers would benefit from enrolling in master’s degree programs in wildlife and fisheries management. Students enrolled in the program are provided with a strong grasp of ecology and natural resources management.

Enrollees learn about a variety of research methods and tools employed in the industry. The program involves the examination of recent research in the areas of wildlife management and fishing. It also involves the exploration of ways of using this research for controlling fishing populations, employing conservation methods within the fishing industry and taking an ecological approach to conservation of wetland wildlife. A committee-approved thesis project has to be completed by enrollees in the majority of master’s degree programs in wildlife and fisheries management.

Education Requirements

Admission criteria typically require incoming students to hold a bachelor’s degree in ecology, biology, or wildlife management, in addition to submitting Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores.


The primary focus of program coursework is on research in the field, including methods for conducting research. Core coursework may also cover topic areas such as:

•Quantitative ecology
•Wetland wildlife
•Geography systems
•Population biology
•Fish ecology

Career Choices

Program graduates may pursue various career options including:

•Ecological planner
•Fisheries Manager
•Aquaculture Farmer
•Wetland Biologist
•Wildlife Manager
•Conservation scientist

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