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Overview of Associate Degree Program in Computer Analysis

Majors Overview April 18, 2013

Computer systems analysts, or computer analysts, usually work with corporations and businesses to help configure software and hardware, help with computer information technology needs, and identify computer system issues. Students who pursue this career field will be able to earn an Associate of Science (A.S.) in Computer Science.

Computer Science Associate Degree Program

Associate degree programs specifically in the fields of computer analysis or computer systems analysis are not offered by any colleges or universities. However, aspiring students who want to work as computer analysts in organizations or businesses can complete a two-year computer science degree program to acquire the skills needed. An overview of information systems, programming, computer organization and computer systems is provided through the computer science degree programs.

Through a computer science associate degree program, students can gain the knowledge and skills needed for the management of fundamental programming concepts, development of algorithms for computer programs, development of data analysis charts and spreadsheets, and recognition and resolution on information technology issues. Several courses related to statistics and mathematics are also included in many programs.

Education Requirements

Four-year universities, vocational schools and community colleges are among the institutions that offer computer science associate degree programs. Admission criteria in all of these schools mandate that applicants should hold a general educational development (GED) certificate or high school diploma. Students who are interested in studying computer science are required to have strong transcripts in algebra, calculus, and mathematics.

Program Course Topics

Students who are enrolled in a computer science associate degree program are required to complete courses related to the practical field of information technology, programming, and computer analysis; in addition to basic academic courses. Some course topics may include:

•Computer science lab
•Intermediate computer science
•Introduction to programming
•Discrete mathematics
•Computer information systems
•Introduction to computer science

Salary Information and Employment Outlook

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (, during 2009 there were over 512,000 positions held by computer analysts. The largest concentration of computer analysts was employed by management departments of enterprises and companies, insurance carriers, and computer system design companies. In 2009, the average annual salary for computer analysts was $77,080.

Continuing Education

The minimum education qualification that a majority of prospective computer analysts hold is a bachelor’s degree in information technology or computer science. Further degrees are usually sought by individuals who want to further their careers in the field by aiming for positions such as programmer analysts, systems designers or systems architects. Advanced training in computer analysis is also offered through master degree programs in information technology and computer analysis, though the degrees are not strictly necessary to pursue a career in the field.

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