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Pyrotechnic Courses and Classes Overview

Majors Overview February 11, 2013

Pyrotechnic courses are not typically available as part of a certificate or degree program. Students who are seeking a career in pyrotechnic normally receive training courses from their pyrotechnic companies; classes may be offered at local colleges for personal enrichment. Individuals will receive practical knowledge working with explosives, fireworks, and other pyrotechnic devices.

Basic Pyrotechnic Course

Pyrotechnic is the art and science of fireworks displays that is an essential part of different American celebrations such as the Fourth of July. At the start of the pyrotechnic course, students are introduced to performance, musical, and technical aspects of fireworks displays with commercial fireworks demonstrations, which culminate in hands-on firing. Other topics covered such as requirements for storing and purchasing fireworks, textbook hand shooting, fireworks insurance, multiple-shot and finale fusing, show scripting, and safe practices.

Advanced Pyrotechnic Courses

It is becoming increasingly sophisticated every day with pyrotechnics technology. Students who are enrolled into an advanced pyrotechnics course will gain knowledge in engineer and design fireworks shows, which have been orchestrated with music timed for dramatic effect. Students will use a database to record detonation time of selected fireworks, which allows music to be time-coded for exceptional synchrony. Individuals will be able to design and program different multiple-shot effects and arrangements.

Requirements and Safety in Pyrotechnic Course

Students will learn how to take specific safety precautions in this course in regard to using explosive devices and firing explosives. They are also taught to clear the detonation area in order to protect onlookers during fireworks displays. This course generally covers licenses, which has to be obtained and other prerequisites that need to be met in order to have a fireworks display.

Pyrotechnics and Special Effects Course

The use of fires, gunshots or real explosions for TV or film is both dangerous and expensive. Students in this course become adept at creating realistic-looking, but safe explosions. They learn about the creation of pyrotechnics for various special effects, such as fireworks, fire, rain, wind, smoke, and fog, by using computer software to make these effects appear realistic. The course also includes discussions by students on creating special effects that behave and look realistic.

Pyrotechnics Specialist Courses

Students enrolled in this course learn how to organize and display fireworks displays and laser shows for outdoor and indoor audiences. Safety measures are emphasized in this course, including eye and ear protection and distance management. Gunpowder, explosives, fire and lasers are frequently employed during classroom instruction. At times, the course includes practical experience; students get a chance to work with a firm that sets up shows and learn how to design and detonate pyrotechnic displays.

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