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University of Maryland College Park Bachelor Degree Program in Chemical Engineering

University & College Info May 19, 2013

Chemical engineering, along with bio-molecular engineering, are two promising career fields for ambitious students who want to put their gifted minds to good and influence positive change. The University of Maryland at College Park offers a bachelor degree program in chemical engineering, which teaches many vital aspects of math, physics, chemistry, and biology. Students can expect to learn complex concepts regarding engineering design framework, as well as nanotechnology and biotechnology.

Career Outlook for UMD Chemical Engineering Students

This program can equip promising students to find jobs anywhere within the industry, whether they pursue additional education or find government jobs. Fields to consider might include food processing, chemical research, manufacturing, energy conversion, environmental engineering, polymer and metallurgical production, or petroleum work. Some of the school’s graduates go on to work for pharmaceutical companies, or even name brand organizations like ExxonMobil.

Graduates will be able to identify and solve chemical engineering problems for employers or clients, and will be able to apply mathematics. Global and social contexts will also be a major factor, as professionals you will be able to find engineering problems as well as propose solutions that are safe, appropriate and economic. Knowledge in computers and information technology are also vital, as is a complete awareness of environmental issues.

The Quality of a UMD Chemical Engineering Education

The educational course will help students learn not only technical know-how, but also career skills like quantitative problem solving, teamwork, communication with others, ethics, and even the ability to adapt to rising technologies. The major curriculum can be completed in four years, and all students are given a faculty advisor at the first semester.

During the freshman year, you will focus on essentials of the field, such as chemistry, engineering, and calculus. As the year progresses, mechanical and particle dynamics will be taught, followed by biology and bio-molecular engineering. During the sophomore year, students will delve into physics, thermodynamics and organic chemistry. Scientific equations and computer methods are discussed towards the end of the second semester. The junior year will consider advanced lessons in statistics, experimentation, kinetics and reactor design, as well as bio-molecular transport phenomena and how various materials react. The coursework culminates with a study of bio-molecular engineering and economics, as well as elective courses.

Extras the University of Maryland at College Park Offers

There is plenty to offer in the way of research and extras in the UMD chemical engineering curriculum. Research experience is available to students who want to gain practical experience in new and innovative research. There is an Honors Program, courtesy of the A. James Clark School of Engineering, as well as scholarship options available through this branch. Awards are given yearly to the most promising students, and the most commonly given awards include the David Arthur Berman Memorial Award, and the Russell Barch Memorial Award. Lastly, consider important student organizations like the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, which also hand out awards each year, and the Chemical Engineering Society.

If you want to put your interest in math and physics to good use, then a career in chemical engineering from a trusted school like the University of Maryland at College Park’s bachelor degree program is precisely what you need to make a life change.

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