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Average Wages for Individuals with a Bachelor’s Degree

Career News March 30, 2015

Average Wages for Individuals with a Bachelor’s Degree

It is difficult to predict a bachelor degree graduate’s salary. Salaries will depend on the job position, employee’s years of experience, and discipline of the bachelor’s degree.

Varying with the degree, holders of bachelor’s degrees can expect to earn an average annual wage ranging between $34,000 and about $100,000. has devised a salary chart for April 2014 listing the average wages for various careers available to holders of bachelor’s degrees:

Profession Average Annual Wage
Software Engineer $72,721
Staff Accountant $44,192
Operations Manager $58,873
Mechanical Engineer $63,144
Financial Analyst $54,051

Best Bachelor’s Degrees Based on Salary

In 2013 – 2014, a survey was conducted by to establish the best bachelor’s degree programs based on potential earnings; the results covered 129 different bachelor’s degrees. Those surveyed included individuals with just a bachelor’s degree, those in full-time occupations in the United States, and graduates from educational institutions in the United States.

The survey included starting employees with two years or less of work experience and mid-career employees with fifteen years or more of work experience. The following list shows the ten highest earning degrees and their respective average wage levels:

Degree Program Starting Average Wage Mid-Career Average Wage
Petroleum Engineering $103,000 $160,000
Actuarial Mathematics $58,700 $120,000
Nuclear Engineering $67,600 $117,000
Chemical Engineering $68,200 $115,000
Aerospace Engineering $62,800 $109,000
Electrical Engineering $64,300 $106,000
Computer Engineering $65,300 $106,000
Computer Science $59,800 $102,000
Physics $53,100 $101,000
Mechanical Engineering $60,900 $99,700

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