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How to Become a Business Systems Manager

Career News February 26, 2014

A business systems manager is a bank employee who develops baking strategies and improves productivity, mainly through IT experience. He or she manages the systems in place, as well as the software and hardware that is involved in keeping the system stable.

This managerial role involves working with many different departments and sub-fields within a business, including design, architecture and deployment. Companies look for workers who are technically savvy, business-minded and possess strong leadership abilities.

Finding a Job as a Business Systems Manager

This type of worker typically comes from an educational background, since he or she is expected to understand technical knowledge, the newest IT developments, and also standard business practices, established over time by other banks. This is also why companies tend to hire experienced workers, usually those that come from a 10 year background.

Since you are working as a manager, you might have to train many employees who work under you, and supervise the work of other executives. Part of your job is explaining the systems you maintain to others, and that’s everyone from supervisors to branch managers as well as entry-level employees.

There are many technical issues that may arise in a given business day, and this is when they will call you. You come up with a solution and keep it scalable, combining necessity with business profitability.

While you are a manager, you still have to work closely with your business partners who will help you tackle major issues. This is a team-oriented assignment and one that you will excel in if you have the ambition and can learn quickly.

Duties and Assignments Expected

On a day-to-day basis, you will be analyzing technical specifications as they relate to business. You maintain and improve current system integrations and keep up to date with the newest software and necessary upgrades.

This is not an outsourcing type of job, because your job description states that you work closely with your fellow employees and supervisors to review operational processes and identify inefficient systems. This means that while you are a manager, you do not have total power; you collaborate with others to identify weaknesses in the current system.

It’s time to focus on developing a solution, and adjusting it to meet with business needs. You are also in charge of backing the database up, cleaning files, monitoring data quality, and perhaps even developing new applications. Knowledge of modern server and database is required, and sometimes years of experience working with a system in a managerial role is preferred. Additionally, companies may ask for project management skills, experience in managing administrators, and the ability to communicate effectively across multiple departments.

Much like the business systems executive, the manager maintains a great deal of responsibility. He or she may even be asked to perform other managerial duties, assuming the resume covers these tasks. Is it time for a job promotion? Then, it’s time to start thinking about going back to college and taking relevant studies—studies that will land you in a high paying job like a business systems manager!

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