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Boost Your Career Prospects with Free Online Child Care Courses

Career News December 17, 2012

You can open the door to a new career option by joining a Free Online Child Care Course. In this article, we will look at various free online training programs available to help you choose the program that is appropriate.

Here are ways on how you should proceed, if you wish to avail yourself in these free courses:

  • Learn from free online video lessons.
  • Earn real college credits by passing an examination.

Here is a list of the best free online child care courses available on the Internet:

Education-Portal – Educational Psychology Program

This training program employs short videos to present coursework that covers individual differences exhibited by children and development psychology in kids, these videos are accompanied by transcripts. Quizzes can be taken by students to test their knowledge.

Johns Hopkins University – Child Health and Development Program

This course has fourteen lectures with MP3 recordings and PDF slides available for all of them. Students are expected to complete writing assignments apart from readings various sources including textbooks. The site offers a free PDF version of the textbook for students to access.

Open University – Exploring Children’s Learning Program

This is an intermediate course that is twenty hours long, instructions are imparted through the use of illustrated text; links to readings are provided. Students can access them online and select to print or download them. Four theories of child development are taught, these are social constructivism, behaviorism, constructivism and social learning.

Annenberg Learner – Minds of Our Own Program

This course is a component of the Private Universe Project, it employs three videos each that is an hour long, which teachers and parents are likely to benefit from. The videos focus on examining the ways children learn and how those have impacted education. The program offers a DVD presentation of the videos and a print guide for sale. – Net Cetera Program

Adults can use this federal government site to access tools they can use to keep their children safe when they access the internet. The site offers a video for viewing that can be downloaded in various formats. The site has PowerPoint presentations to facilitate presentations to groups. A guide and articles on the topic are available for downloading or printing.

Anne Arundel Community College – The Parenting Center Program

Caregivers, including parents, can watch eight videos, each of less than an hour’s duration, to learn about child care skills. Coursework includes topics such as alternatives to spanking, parent power, grand parenting and self-esteem in children. General resources advertised on the site allow users to access other links on related topics of interest.

Utah State University – Power of Positive Parenting Program

This course has been inspired by Dr. Glenn Latham’s book titled, The Power of Positive Parenting. The course gives access to twenty-seven lessons in text, audio and video formats. Audio and video clips relating to the coursework can be accessed at Coursework includes topics such as sibling rivalry, toilet training, elimination of tantrums, alternatives to spanking, anger management, and responding proactively to behaviors.

Tufts University – Promoting Positive Development Among Youth Program

Completing a course in basic child development will be ideal preparation before a student decides to enroll for this course. Text, slide and PDF versions of seven lectures are accessible to students. Coursework includes international and national perspectives about youth participation in civil society, it includes applied development science theory. Each text lecture ends with a comment on suggested reading.

Open University – The Role of Play in Children Learning Program

This is an intermediate course of fifteen hours’ duration where students can engage in an investigation of the value of equity issues, adult involvement in children’s play and play per se. Coursework can be downloaded, printed or viewed online. The lessons incorporate self-guided activities.

Annenberg Learner – The Whole Child Program

This course has twelve videos, each that are half-hour duration, filmed in homes, child care centers and preschools. Coursework in the form of a series DVD, guides and textbooks are offered for sale to students that range from high school students to adults. Such coursework relates to activities in children’s development with a focus on specific situations.

Though you do not get awarded credits directly by these courses, it is possible to earn credits by taking an exam; you can transfer the credits to your school. To avail credits, you can opt for one of two affordable choices of exams that have national recognition.

CLEP Examinations – The thirty-three CLEP examinations conducted by the College Board permit a candidate to test out of their general education needs. Two out of three universities and colleges in the United States accept the credits.

Credit-by-Examination conducted by Excelsior College – There are over forty examinations offered by Excelsior College offers, these lead to transferable credits. Three full degrees can be earned by you, if you wish to take free online courses and receive your credits via examination.

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