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Boost Your Career with Free Freight Broker Training Programs and Courses

Career News December 19, 2012

Businesses who want to ship their products and freight companies involved in shipping products rely on freight brokers to act as a liaison between the clients and the service providers. With the help of freight brokers, the two parties are able to agree on the price for the shipment; freight brokers help ensure that the freight companies charge properly in accordance with the weight of the goods shipped. In this article, we will discuss various free online courses available with respect to freight brokering.

What students should do, if they want to avail themselves in these free courses:

  • Learn from online video lessons.
  • Earn real college credits by passing an examination.

Prerequisites of Freight Broker Training Courses

Currently, no accredited university or college offers free freight broker training courses on the internet. However, free online course materials are offered at some universities and colleges.  Such courses are referred to as OpenCourseWare (OCW) courses, and they include assignments and lectures that will constitute a proper course. As stated, students do not stand to gain any credits or certification; they may need to buy reading material that real courses use. Below are a few freight broker training courses:

Logistics Systems at MIT

Freight brokers can become adept at reading freight bills and finding ways to reduce cost for their customers.  Brokers attend classroom lectures on exchange rates, duties and transfer prices to understand the true meaning of every item that are charged on the invoice. Freight brokers need to know how to read and evaluate freight bills in order to do a good job.

Air Transportation Systems Architecting at MIT

This is an OCW course that freight brokers use to learn about planning and regulation of air transportation systems. Reputable women and men from the industry serve as guest faculties to provide eleven lectures that cover the subject matter. Coursework includes topics such as avionics, commercial cargo operations, and technical considerations related to autonomous formation flying systems. The lectures are accessible in PDF format. The course is completed with an oral presentation project and employs many student examples. However, professor interaction is not possible because it is a free online course.

Economics of Marine Transportation Industries at MIT

The economics related to natural resources and marine transportation is explored in the MIT program. The course offers some required reading online; students are required to purchase or find the rest themselves. Seven different lectures in PDF format are included in the course. Prospective freight brokers will certainly benefit from the topics covered in the lectures such as fast freight ships, LNG shipping and the time value of money. The course includes two assignments; trainees are given examples from former students to assist with the assignments.

Introduction to Transportation Systems at MIT

This is a higher level course designed for all first-year Master of Science in Transportation students. The program revolves around the principles of transportation systems and gives students a clear understanding about their effective operation. Students can access some of the readings on the internet without having to pay anything. Freight transportation and traveler transportation are the themes of eighteen sets of lecture notes covered in the coursework that deals with six assignments and culminates with a final exam.

Though students do not get awarded credits directly by these courses, it is possible to earn credits by taking an exam; students can transfer the credits to their school. To avail credits, students can opt for one of two affordable choices of exams that have national recognition.

CLEP Examinations – The thirty-three CLEP examinations conducted by the College Board permit a candidate to test out of their general education needs. Two out of three universities and colleges in the United States accept the credits.

Credit-by-Examination conducted by Excelsior College – There are over forty examinations offered by Excelsior College offers that leads to transferable credits. Three full degrees can be earned by students, if they wish to take free online courses and receive their credits via examination.

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