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Career Overview for MBA Graduates with an Operations Management Degree

Career News May 16, 2016

A professional Operations manager is responsible for ensuring that goods are obtained in a cost effective and efficient way. Read this article to learn alternative career paths that graduates of Operations management may pursue in life, education details, skills learnt and salary details for MBA graduates of this degree option.

Career Overview for those with a MBA in Operations Management

An MBA graduate of Operational management ends up getting employment in supply chains, operations strategies, logistics planning, consulting, manufacturing strategies, among others. In other words, career choices for these graduates are many and varied. As for their education, MBA is the lower limit. The degree program enriches the learners with knowledge and skills about office planning, general management, logistics planning and inventory control.

Supply Chain Manager

They act as purchasing managers in all kinds of chain stores and supermarkets. Basically, supply chain managers supervise the buying of goods and services for the company they work for, and ensure that purchases are acquired at the best deals in the market. Good supply managers are expected to be fast learners of market trends and of more importance, know the people who supply the goods that they want to buy. Supply chain managers can be specialized in a particular merchandise or have general knowledge and purchasing of goods and services.

According to the US.S Bureau of Labor Statistics (2015), Supply chain manager earned an average salary of $74,260. Jobs in this profession are expected to rise at a slow rate of two percent in the next few years.

Logistics Manager

A logistics manager works alongside the purchasing departments to see that the whole buying process is smooth and cost effective. They develop strategies for distribution as well as maintain contacts with marketers and logistics intermediaries. In addition, logistics managers ensure that imported goods meet the U.S. and international export and import laws. In 2014, professionals in this career was estimated to earn an average salary of $61,592, according to


Consultants work with companies to help improve logistics related operations and supply chain management. Consultants generally have knowledge on strategic buying and supplies and may at times put into concept their knowledge on information technology to assist companies in their operational management. Consultants may also help supply chains reach global targets through technological optimization and strategic sourcing. Moreover, consultants assist their clients with implementation of logistical processes and tools for the sake of improving sales. The average salary of a consultant in 2014 was estimated to be $66,984 annually (

Inventory Control Manager

They invent and help implement plans that can assist a business in reducing their inventory costs albeit having to meet the customer’s expectations. Therefore, they oversee inventory management in different companies while ensuring that these inventories are of good quality standards. Their average salary in 2014 according to was $50,966.

Quick notes about the degree program

An MBA in Operational management is targeted for people who want to be executives in any field that deals with operations and consultation. Students of this degree program are therefore educated about operations planning, supply chain, quality and global operations.

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