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Careers with the National Football League (NFL)

Career News June 1, 2016

Football is the most popular game in the country. Thousands of people flock to football stadiums each week to cheer on their teams. Footballs clubs and players on the other hand earn millions of dollars from entertaining their fans. This makes the sport an attractive venture for most people. Here are some careers that any football fan can consider venturing into.

National Football League Internships and Entry Level Programs

Working in the National Football League can be an exciting and rewarding experience. Acquiring an internship program is perhaps the best way to lay a foundation to working in the same field in the future. Internship programs are most common during the summer period. They equip interns with much required hands on experience in accounting for sports, human resources, and information technology.

For people interested in the sport’s filming industry, they can acquire experience in music composition and cinematography, in general. Note, the internship programs are mostly unpaid and opportunities are most common at the sport’s headquarters in New York City. The NFL also offers what is known as junior level Rotational programs. Here, interns are treated through an interdepartmental kind of training where they learn how to work in the finance, marketing and public affairs departments, among others. Finally, the interns benefit from mentorship programs, networking events and other forms of training.

Sports Agents

Sports Agents are perhaps one of the most luxurious professions in the sport careers. You work with all kinds of football players, help players select a football team to play for, evaluate how much they are worth and help in bargaining of salaries. Besides, sport agents form close relationships with coaches and team owners for the interest of their clients.

Joining this profession requires a bachelor’s degree in sports management, plus an internship program with any established sports management organization such as the Sports Management Worldwide Organization (SMWW). For instance, this organization holds career conferences every year in different states besides offering internships to upcoming sports agents.

Marketing and Public Relations

Marketing and Public relations are very important departments in any football team. They boost the team’s public image as well as market the team to attract more fans. In addition, they come up with methods such as community events with the aim of boosting ticket sales. As a market or public officer, you work alongside players and coaches, prepare TV, radio and online adverts and build on relationships with corporate sponsors and other important stakeholders of the team.


Career in this profession are numerous and varied. They range from radio and TV football analysts, on air broadcasting, play by play commentators, among other jobs.


Coaches play a great role in shaping the football stars that you admire and celebrate. They help amateur players improve their skills and motivate the players so they can win games. Actually, majority of the jobs for coaches are found at the amateur levels. Working for high schools, colleges, communities and working as coach assistants can be good ways to build your career towards professional coaching.

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