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Different Careers in the Psychology Field

Career News August 9, 2013

You do not have to be a genius to be involved in the profession of psychology. All you need is a passion for knowledge and the discipline to complete a program to its very end, and you can do great things in the field. You may be overwhelmed when looking through all the avenues that a degree in psychology can open to you. You may be surprised to learn that you do not have to complete a doctorate degree just to get started in this profession.

What a Bachelor’s Degree in the Psychology Field Can Get You

A doctorate degree will certainly open doors in the experimental and research avenues of psychology. However, with just an undergraduate degree, such as one from University of Maryland, University of Phoenix, Walden University or other schools of your choice, you can start working in human services or social services. Some of the top jobs in entry-level psychology include career counseling, psychiatric technician, case management and rehabilitation specialist.

You can also find more opportunities in sales work, in top- or mid-level management, labor relations, training, administration, real estate or marketing. Some of your future will be decided upon by what degree you earn specifically. For example, there are Bachelor of Science degrees, as well as Bachelor of Arts degrees.

If you are seeing negative results on your job searches, then it might be time to consider focusing on courses that will help you learn and master your specific job. For example, there are classes you can take to help with writing, human relations, and business and organizational structure. You can apply yourself to these additional niches, as well as your core subject matter of psychology.

The most important skills for any profession in this field are critical thinking skills, communication skills, group communication skills, and knowledge of how organizational psychology works. You may also need to improve creative thinking skills since this can help educate individuals to see your point of view.

What a Master’s Degree in Psychology Can Do for You?

Graduating from a college with a master’s degree can open up more doors than just a bachelor’s degree. These options might include working in social services or mental health clinics, as well as entry level positions in medical facilities. This is the best way to break into the biggest and highest-paying avenues like clinical psychology, counseling, social work and welfare, and the educational field as a researcher. While colleges usually hire Ph.D. graduates, they have been known to take a chance on a master’s degree level graduate. Opportunities here may include school counseling, school psychologists and educators who teach these sciences.

You may discover economic stability by finding a government job at the local, state or federal level. Positions open to you might include rehabilitation counselor, social service manager, parole officer and other similar positions.

Whatever your decision, know that this is a welcoming industry. If you are willing to complete a degree, even an undergraduate degree, this profession does have a place for you. Make a difference in someone’s life with your understanding and love of psychology.

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