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Salary Information for Managers with a Culinary Arts Degree

Career News July 12, 2014

Unlike other types of professions in the culinary arts, those who are interested in having a career in culinary management will find that many entry-level positions require one to have a minimum of at least a bachelor’s degree. Although one may be able to work their way up the culinary arts ladder the old-fashioned way, but earning a culinary arts degree will simply show prospective employers that one is armed with the training for culinary arts, supervision, and business.

The great thing about earning a culinary management degree is that it offers one the creativity of the culinary arts while offering one the opportunity to utilize his or her inherent business acumen. Before moving on to the earning potential of managers with a culinary arts degree, it is important to understand the job description of a culinary manager.

Job Description of Culinary Management

The responsibilities of culinary managers vary depending on the type of establishment or employer they work for. The major responsibility of a culinary management is simply the flawless operation of an eating establishment from the front and back ends. This includes the administration and staffing decisions.

The typical duties of a culinary manager include:

•Inventory management
•Monthly break downs of cost analysis (this includes waste)
•Planning, ordering, and buying of food/supplies and equipment
•Cultivate Cultivating and continue continuing vendor relations
•Ensureing that all shifts are successfully covered and scheduled correctly
•Coordinate Coordinating the front and back of the house
•Takes Taking care of all paperwork for state and local governments
•Provide Providing direction and motivates motivation for all staff
•Understanding each and every area of the business
•Ensuring that every sanitation standard is met
•Comes Coming up with ways to increase profits
•Keeps Keeping up with the newest trends in culinary arts and management of restaurants
•Controls Controlling the budget and purchasing
•Works Working with the chef in order to develop items on the menu while keeping profitability in mind
•Correctly trains training staff on rotation of food

Culinary Management Salary

According to, the national median wage for a culinary manager with a culinary arts degree is about $46,000 as of January 2013 data. However, this can be considerably higher when one takes the benefits into consideration. A lot of culinary managers get discounted or even FREE meals, 401k packages, insurance plans, paid vacation, and so on.

The actual wages of a culinary manager can be affected by a variety of factors like type of employer, location, experience, profit sharing potential, and the success of the eating establishment. Culinary management experts working for casinos, resorts, hotels, or really large companies may receive better pay packages above the average pay.

Culinary Management Career Outlook

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)’ 2012-2013 Occupational Outlook Handbook, culinary management falls under the group of “Food Service Managers,” which include all types of eating establishments from fine dining to fast-food places. According to the reports, there was a small decline of two percent of new opportunities in this field, but there are great opportunities out there for culinary managers.

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