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Top Nursing Agencies

Career News June 25, 2013

While the nursing profession is seemingly always in demand, finding the perfect job may still be a challenge for such healthcare professionals. This is especially true for nurses looking to take on a traveling position around the country, or in different parts of the world. Below are some of the leading nursing agencies that make the process of finding a nursing job, whether it be traveling or otherwise, a whole lot easier for those in the healthcare industry. After all, a nurse’s job is to take care of others in need; the last thing they want to worry about is how to find another job.

American Traveler

American Traveler is a nursing agency that specializes in traveling assignments. The company boasts some of the highest pay rates for traveling nurses among some of the best benefits packages available in the industry. In addition, here are a few of the advantages that American Traveler offers its nurses:

•Travel allowances
•Lucrative bonuses and top salaries
•Life, dental, and health insurance benefits
•Free and private housing

Premier Healthcare Professionals

Premier healthcare professionals are a leader in both domestic and international nurse staffing. The company even claims to be the world’s leading travel nursing company. Premier Healthcare Professionals specializes in finding nursing positions in the United States, Australia, South Africa, and different parts of Europe. Additionally, they have been doing so for over twenty years and have connections in every state in the country and thousands of hospitals nationwide.

Surgical Staff Inc.

Started in 1979, Surgical Staff is managed and owned by nurses. The fact that the company is run by those who have been in the nursing field for many years, gives it a leg up on how to better assist those in need of jobs. Additionally, Surgical Staff provides its service to others in the medical field, including radiology technologists, surgical technologists, among others. What’s more for those nurses looking for assignments less than full-time, Surgical Staff is good at finding nursing jobs that cater to the lifestyle and needs of each individual nurse.

Sagent Healthstaff

Sagent Healthstaff is a top healthcare staffing agency that provides a link between healthcare professionals, such as nurses, and medical facilities, including hospitals. While Sagent Healthstaff is one of the premiere travel healthcare staffing companies, it prides itself on what they call “National Reach” and “Local Touch.” Additionally, Sagent Healthstaff offers further assistance for various staffing needs. The company has regional office locations in order to serve both traveling professionals and healthcare facilities. With the demand for nurses continuing to rise, Sagent Healthstaff does a good job of capitalizing on this trend, and subsequently connecting nurses to healthcare facilities in locations they want to work, not necessarily where there is the highest demand.

Medical Solutions

Medical Solutions is a healthcare staffing agency catering and specializing towards those in the profession that wish to travel. The company has specific perks that make them more desirable than some other nursing agencies. Here is a small glimpse at what Medical Solutions offers:

•Supplemental cash for sticking with their company
•Free housing when traveling
•Guaranteed dental and health insurance regardless of the location
•Coverage for the property deposit for those that bring a pet along when traveling


The five aforementioned nursing agencies are some of the top staffing providers in the United States. As you have seen, most of them offer attractive benefits to those nurses looking to travel around the world or simply see a different area of the country. Overall, these companies make it possible for healthcare facilities to find the staff they need, and for nurses to explore new regions while doing a service for those sick and in need of care.

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