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Vermont Office of Professional Regulation

Career News August 11, 2013

Vermont, the Green Mountain State, is often thought of and cited as one of the best states to conduct business in, though it has struggled since the economic recession of 2008 and counting. Much of the state is built on real estate, manufacturing, health care, retail, government jobs, finance and construction. While Vermont often has the reputation of being an opulent state, the facts show that there is a large population who qualify for food stamps and who live on low annual incomes during retirement years. Vermont is a state that has a complex economy and a wide number of people, and this undoubtedly takes organizational supervision—and definitely when it comes to professional careers.

In Vermont, there are a number of professions that require government licensing. To follow the law and maintain your good name, you must make contact with the Vermont Office of Professional Regulation; also called the Office of Consumer Affairs & Business Regulation. This location is found on the third floor of the City Center in Montpelier, near the Department of Financial Regulation.

Vermont’s License Accessibility

There are a number of different careers and job positions that require official licensing and procedures, and there are dozens, including major industry jobs in accountancy, dentistry, engineers, midwives, nurses, occupational therapists and psychologists—among many others. Some job titles requiring licenses might surprise you, such as auctioneering, boxing, dieticians, motor vehicle racing, and tattoo artists.

This is definitely a state that takes all claims of professional-level seriously. The office provides licensing, certification, registration and other services for 45 occupations total. Of course, the reason for all of these procedures is for the public interest, and each professional must prove himself or herself as a professional, competent and experienced in their practice. Furthermore, the official website allows the public full access to see licensees or even to file a complaint form.

The State of Vermont’s Services

In addition to public access, the site also serves as a hub for professional workers who need licensing assistance or paperwork. Visitors have the ability to look up a license, go paperless, print their license online and even view unprofessional conduct decisions for their own education and prevention.

You can also change your name or address using the proper form, or change a professional status. The so-called Consortium makes it extremely easy to renew forms and complete tasks online, while at the same time, reducing paperwork and making it easier to document, verify and send out forms from the government’s end.

Bear in mind that although organization takes place by the state, sometimes regulations are handled locally (according to county) or perhaps even by the federal government. All corporations report to the Secretary of State’s Office at the Office of Corporations, which handles technical aspects of business entities and registration. This is also the point of contact from the Uniform Commercial Code Filings.

There are business resources available for individuals who want to ask business questions, expand their market, relocate, learn about minimum wage, register a trademark or trade name, or even track wages. For more information, contact the Vermont Office of Professional Regulation and ask about what rights, resources and regulations apply to you.

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