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Why Future Nurses Should Speak with a Nurse Recruiter

Career News July 7, 2013

As nursing school graduation day approaches, most future nurses begin their job hunt. For many, this is a stressful time. Nursing school requires a great deal of work, time, and money. Beginning a successful career after completion is a sign of success and that the effort put in was worth it.

Nurses are a vital part of the health care system around the world. They provide first rate care, save many lives, and assist many people. As nursing students prepare to enter this exciting world, they should consider speaking with a nurse recruiter to get them started on the right path. Nurse recruiters can often provide future nurses with valuable insights about the profession and job search process that will help the candidates stand out from the rest as they begin to prepare for interviews. Here are just a few ways that nurse recruiters can assist future nurses.

A Nurse Recruiter may be able to help get a Nurse’s Application Noticed

A nurse recruiter for a particular organization often helps review applications for the business and recommends candidates to the management. By getting in touch directly with the recruiter, the future nurse may be able to begin forming contacts within the industry. Nursing students and recent graduates can begin by reaching out to local recruiters to initiate a conversation about the hiring process both at that particular organization and in general. The recruiter will be able to let them know if there are positions available at that location as well as where else may be hiring, and contacts to make at the new locations. Forming this relationship can help a new nurse make a good impression and get their application a second look when they do apply.

Nurse Recruiters can help Future Nurses Understand Entry Level Positions

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the field of nursing is expected to see an increase in positions by 26% between 2010 and 2020. This means that there should be a decent number of job openings for future nurses. While just about anyone finishing school is grateful for a position they can receive, those preparing for entry to the nursing field may have questions about what an entry level position entails. A new nurse may be unsure about what to expect between the ratio of registered nurses to assistants and how much of the work can be expected to be clerical in nature. A nurse recruiter can help clear up any misconceptions, so that when the future nurses go for interviews, they have an idea about what the expectations should be.

Nurse Recruiters have Insights and Tips about Ways to Stand Out

Nurse recruiters make a living searching for the best candidates to fill nursing positions. This means that they have an extremely good idea of the ideal qualities that are being sought for the field, the typical training expected of and given to new nurses, the expectations of jobs done by entry level nurses, and more. For example, certain positions may benefit from a nurse who has particular language skills. Future nurses and new nurses can use this information to prepare for interviews, develop ways to improve certain sought after skills, and also know when they see a good position. Nurse recruiters can help those new to the profession understand what makes an ideal candidate.

Nurse recruiters are also typically prepared with tips about interviewing. Most notice the little things about candidates, such as weak handshakes, lack of eye contact, informal dress, enthusiasm, and indirect responses to questions. Those looking to hire nurses are not just looking at academic qualifications, although they are important. They also seek candidates who will fit well with their team and will serve the patients well. Nurse recruiters can offer even more interview tips for the local area.

When a future nurse is preparing to finish nursing school, they are searching high and low for a quality nursing position. With the competitive job market that makes finding jobs even more stressful, these upcoming nurses can use any leg up they can discover. Speaking with a nurse recruiter can help them find the boost they need to land that dream nursing position.

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