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Accounting Directors Job Description

Job Descriptions October 26, 2013

Accounting directors are the professionals in charge of accounting and financial reporting. This includes credit, accounts receivable, accounts payable and so on. This professional director is the one who will be making changes, whether that’s creating a new system of controls or starting a new protocol for company employees.

The primary goal is to make sure the assets you control are protected, and that all financial reporting is legal and compliant with regulations. This means adherence to U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and US GAAP requirements.

Job Description and Expectations

Within your job description are the tasks of balancing credit risk with business objectives, meeting planned targets, and making sure all claims are valid. In many respects, the general accountant oversees the accounting system a company has in place, which includes inter-company accounting, royalty management and all other technicalities. You don’t simply review material but actually oversee control over the policies that govern the accounting system.

There may also be a technical aspect of the job; for instance, you are the one in charge of ensuring accounting requirements and teaching others the system you endorse. You, as the director, are in charge of reviewing all reports and making sure that other workers are following policies.

This includes ensuring all requirements from federal, state, and local authorities are adhered to, as well as collaborating with tax, treasury, risk and other departments that deal with tax issues. Another part of the technical edge this job has is ensuring that the computer system operates as needed and as convenient as possible to use for other employees.

Proving Yourself as a Professional

This position also calls for auditing work, perhaps both internal and external, depending on the type of company. The accounting director reviews records and implements changes, based on the findings of the audit. He or she may also oversee staff hiring, ensuring that all workers are qualified personnel. The director is responsible for general accounts’ records, credit, accounts payable, billing, and other departments.

When companies hire accounting directors, they typically choose from individuals who have experience in both public accounting, as well as private industry account books. If you come from a background of multinational business and managerial experience, you would also demonstrate value. Leadership qualities are important, as you will likely develop and lead teams and collaborate with other departments within the company.

Naturally, education is the most important factor and will be your primary asset to organizations, whether you plan to specialize in insurance, financial services, manufacturing or technology. Your education should not only be in-depth but modern, pertaining to the sciences of today. This is what textbook knowledge and work experience can do for you—give you leadership qualities that companies rely on.

University of Maryland at College Park, UCLA, Columbia University, University of Virginia, and a host of other colleges offer this educational start. If you are dedicated to seeing your work goals through, you may be able to achieve this dream job and make more money than you ever thought possible.

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