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Accounting Supervisor Job Description

Job Descriptions November 6, 2013

In the field of accounting, it is considered that Accounting Supervisors are the ones with the major responsibility in running the department. That basic fact only suggests that all people who are pursuing to gain the position must be more than capable. The reason behind it is that accounting supervisors will be the one responsible in handling almost all tasks in the accounting department.

For that reason, those who are interested to be an Accounting Supervisor are highly recommended to familiarize in themselves with the Accounting Supervisor Job Description. That way, you will have an overview of what an accounting supervisor does every day, and you will be able to visualize yourself properly in performing the duties and responsibilities it entails.

An Overview of the Accounting Supervisor Job Description

The main role of an Accounting Supervisor is to secure that the financial operations is being run smoothly. By securing the operations, it means that it must be monitored, all financial processes must be approved, and reporting and auditing all financial data and the staff must be well-supervised.

As part of their duties, they are to prepare job schedules and entrust the duties to the employees within the accounting department to perform and accomplish. The job of an Accounting Supervisor is not just about supervising the accounting employees, but they are also about performing managerial, clerical duties and accounting functions including making payment entries and also maintaining the financial records.

They are also one of the employees who are responsible in maintaining the compliance of accounting practices laws and regulations. It is also part of their duty to coordinate with the department employees and those from other departments so that a clear picture of the company’s finance can be made out.

Duties and Responsibilities

•Accounting Supervisor ensures that the accounting department is filled with capable staff. The supervisor ensures that by properly selecting employees, orienting, training and assigning them with their appropriate position based on specific accounting duties, and properly disciplining them.

•They are responsible in meeting the standards in the accounting operation by contributing the necessary financial information to the plans being made.

•It is their duty to meet the financial standards in accounting by providing the department with the necessary budget information, monitoring of expenditures and by implementing necessary corrective actions.

•Accounting Supervisor is responsible in maintaining the cash flow. It is done by monitoring cash requirements and balances in the bank and in properly investing the excess funds.

•It is their duty to approve cash disbursement either through verifications of the check amounts in comparison to invoices and authorizing wire and check transfers.

•It is also their duty to approve all ledger entries be means of auditing transactions.

•One of their major responsibilities is renewal of business insurance.

•It is the duty of an Accounting Supervisor to report 401K savings through distributing and also explaining the quarterly election forms.

The job of an Accounting Supervisor entails simple and complex tasks, but all in all, these tasks are the ones that lead to an efficient operation within the accounting department.

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