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ATM Manager – Functionality Job Description

Job Descriptions November 16, 2013

The job responsibilities of an ATM manager are diverse. First and foremost, they are responsible for overseeing the flow of cash – and this includes ensuring that all ATMs are working properly. Relationships will have to be maintained and established with customers, as well as businesses that can assist when problems occur with the ATMs inside of a certain network.

There will be a significant amount of interaction with a computer. This includes the hardware and software systems, in order to set up functions and process information. Understanding how the various ATMs work and how they are repaired is a necessity of the job, as training will usually be required when it comes to hiring ATM service technicians.

Customer service is a large part of the ATM Manager’s responsibility. This includes dealing with customers, as well as the general public, and explaining why an ATM is down – providing communication to help resolve the issue. If problems exist on a regular basis, training may also need to be conducted to prevent the machine from being out of order due to the same problems.

Risks and investments will need to be analyzed and classified to ensure the potential impact on the company is understood. Reports will need to be reviewed as they come from various departments, as well as service technicians. Procedures will also need to be established for the control of assets, and to ensure they are kept safe at all times.

Additional functions include:

•Planning for audits of ATMs
•Coordinate ATM activities
•Oversee training programs
•Evaluate security network
•Review collection reports
•Analyze cash flow

The ATM Manager will be responsible for communicating issues with superiors to provide information about the ATM, how they impact business, and whether more are needed in certain areas, in order to provide a better service to customers.

A significant amount of evaluations will need to be carried out on the job. This includes evaluating data in regards to budget planning and financial reporting. Evaluations will also need to be conducted on all of the ATM service technicians that one oversees.

The functions of an ATM Manager can vary from day to day, although one has the support of a team that can help ensure that the job gets done properly.

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