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Billing Supervisor Job Description

Job Descriptions November 16, 2013

The Billing Supervisor must be able to adapt well in a fast paced organization. As a Billing Supervisor, you will be accountable for handling all collections for the organization’s finance department. This individual is primarily responsible for billing consumers and customers, to ensure that clients and the organization representatives are compensated in a timely fashion.

The Billing Supervisor will monitor and keep track of consumer accounts, mostly by computer, to ensure that billing payments are up to date. Therefore, the Billing Supervisor must be computer literate and have experience utilizing computer software for billing.

If a consumer or customer misses a payment or fails to pay the required amount, the Billing Supervisor needs to notify the consumer, to find out the reason for such a delinquency. They will send out a written notification with a past due reminder via mail or notify the customer about their account activity by phone.

This individual is also responsible for figuring out the amount of late fees tallied on the customers past due amount. The Billing Supervisor will take the time out to determine a payment plan that works for the customer, in the event that they will not be able to pay the overdue balance in one payment.

As a Billing Supervisor, you will need to possess strong written skills and be able to develop great past due reminder letters. In addition, the Billing Supervisor must have great verbal communication skills, so they would be able to effectively communicate with consumers over the phone about overdue balances and available payment options. The Billing Supervisor must be very pleasant and professionally balanced, with some assertiveness to make sure customers clearly understand that payment needs to be made as soon as possible.

This individual should be a great problem solver and be able to think on their feet. The Billing Supervisor must be able to work independently on certain assignments and work well with other team members. As a Billing Supervisor, you should be very organized and courteous to all consumers and customers, regardless of their lack of payment.

The Billing Supervisor will be the first point of contact regarding all billing questions, and will assist customers and clients with any concerns they may have along the way. The Billing Supervisor is also responsible for interviewing, hiring, and training prospective employees of which some will be part of the organization.

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