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Career Profile of a Front Office Manager

Job Descriptions December 6, 2012

The responsibilities of front office manager are coordinating the activities for office employees. Various tasks are overseen by office managers, such as emergency procedures, customer satisfaction, accounting, and office operations among others. Aspiring office managers do not have to carry a college degree, but having one can improve their chances of getting employed.

Job Profile

The primary responsibilities of a front office manager are to provide administrative support, perform staff supervision, and maintain a professional work environment in an office setting. They have other various responsibilities depending on the owner of the organization that employs them. For instance, they may approve office supplies, allocate work assignments to members of staff and manage accounting functions.

The organization’s needs determine the specific job responsibilities that a front office manager has to undertake, and a number of skills are used by a front office manager to successfully complete their duties. A great understanding of the products/services within the company and an in-depth knowledge about the company itself are a few requirements in which the manager’s success hinges. They need to be aware of the roles that employees play within the office like the duties that are assigned to each employee, how the company is structured, and the products it manufactures. Then, they will be able to assign duties and allocate resources effectively for the organization.

Office managers are expected to supervise various products by the company that employs them. They are expected to overcome hurdles and delays in order to ensure that deadlines are met along with documentation of progress on every project. Excellent written, oral communication and multi-tasking skills are required by the managers, if they want to achieve those goals. A front office manager has to perform many other functions relating to customer service requirements, troubleshooting, office morale, crisis handling, office cooperation and supervisor support.


Office management offers an opportunity for a person with only a high school diploma to get promoted to a managerial role rising from a subordinate position. A candidate without a degree will be at a disadvantage in comparison with those who do. An ambitious front office manager will see holding an associate degree in business will make it easier for them to find employment. Majority of community colleges offers an associate degree in business that takes about two years to complete. An associate degree will enhance the manager’s chance of an internal promotion when considered alongside outstanding performance. Coursework relating to an associate degree will cover topics such as communication, accounting, human resources management, records management, desktop publishing and document publishing, among others. Some firms require front office managers have a bachelor degree in business, but that depends on the nature of the business and responsibilities the organization assigns to the front office manager. Coursework for bachelor degree program will cover topics such as business ethics, business finance, business law, business writing and management and organization theory. A person who has a proven record of accomplishing results and has previous experience occupying a position in an office will qualify for a job as front office manager, whether or not they have a degree.

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