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RN Case Manager Requirements and Job Description

Job Descriptions December 25, 2012

Apart from its clinical aspect, healthcare has a social aspect to it. The healthcare industry relies on certain registered nurses (RNs) to focus on this social aspect. These professionals who are referred to as RN case managers, mainly focus on evaluating new patients and developing care plans. In this article, we will look at the career path of a RN case manager and discuss what an aspiring RN case manager must do in order to pursue their career.

Job Profile of RN Case Managers

RN case managers are registered nurses (RNs) who are assigned the development, implementation and evaluation of individualized care plans for patients. They perform roles similar to that of a social worker, advocating safety of patients and serving as a liaison between healthcare providers, families of patients and the patients themselves. Health insurance firms, home health agencies, nursing homes, hospices, and hospitals are the most common settings in which RN case managers can seek jobs.

Responsibilities of RN Case Managers

RN case managers work with new patients to assess their conditions and requirements along with the purpose of developing care plans customized to meet the specific personal needs of patients. Regularly evaluating these plans and updating them when needed are essential to the competent performance of a RN case manager’s duties. They need to impart education to patients and their families about the proper way of following the health plans. Patients can rely on RN case managers for the provision of nursing care.

RN Case Manager Prerequisites

Before an individual can request a position as an RN case manager, they must be a registered nurse. Aspiring candidates are required to hold an associate or bachelor degree earned through an accredited nursing course. However, many employers prefer bachelor degree holders. Typically, coursework includes topics such as nursing, behavioral science, psychology, microbiology, physiology and anatomy.

Employers may prefer prospective RN case managers who hold a master degree in nursing. Thereafter, the nurse can satisfy licensure norms by passing the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN). Employer seeks prior clinical experience as a registered nurse before they offer positions as case managers. Healthcare experience in a quality assurance or supervisory position can be an asset to aspiring RN case managers seeking employment.

RN case managers can opt for an alternative credential in the form of the American Case Management Association’s ACM certification. In order to qualify for certification, RN case managers have to take an exam. This is a two-part test comprising questions relating to case management in the health system, and there are clinical simulations. An ACM certification is perceived by some employers as an improvement to a RN case manager’s professional credentials by certifying their skill.


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