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What Is the Job Outlook for a Pastry Chef?

Job Market Outlook December 28, 2014

Have you considered becoming a professional chef specializing in delicious pastries? Pastry chefs can be located in any food environment, such as restaurants, personal households, household parties, upscale organizations, hotels, and so on. It’s a great career personally and statistically.

Basic Pastry Chef Job Outlook and Growth

According the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the annual growth is expected to be 5% between 2012 and 2022. While some can simply have a high school diploma while working under another chef, others will go to college and obtain a degree. They will, in turn, land a higher pay scale. With a four-year degree, the median pay is said to be around $42,000, which varies depending on the organization you work for. Casinos, fancy restaurants, and five-star hotels are said to pay the most, and this makes sense considering their huge income.

Thank the ACF for Your Future

If you choose higher education, make sure the school you attend is accredited with the American Culinary Federation (ACF). This will ensure that your education will be recognized where it counts.

What a Pastry Chef Does

A pastry chef specializes in creation of delectable pastries. This also includes minor obligations like inspecting for fresh ingredients, coordinating activities, purchasing inventory, hiring and firing, training and monitoring for sanitation, and ensuring other standards are upheld. Chefs work constantly to develop new recipes and presentation techniques. There are also cultures to consider when creating recipes and learning how to organize the best presentation.

A pastry chef might work in bridal creations or specialty bakeries creating delicious and artistic creations of beauty. They can also create other artistic cuisine to be included in main dishes, working alongside the chef. Working as a pastry chef will allow you to delve into complex designs of artistic creations that will “wow” consumers and diners everywhere.

Pastry Chef Job Outlook – High School vs. College

A high school diploma may get you started in gaining experience. A college degree leads you to a higher rate of pay and equips you with knowledge that you would not otherwise obtain. Having a degree as a pastry chef gives you the opportunity to travel with a travel business, such as cruise ships, traveling hotels, and so on. You can also attend school overseas, such as Italy or France, to learn other skills from international cultures.

Research Matters

Whether you choose to be a head chef or a pastry chef, researching your options is key. Check into financial assistance programs that you may qualify for. Internships may be key to your future goals as well. There may also be tuition options that will get you reimbursed for much of the money you spend out of pocket to obtain your education. Check with area community colleges, which may have a program that has affordable options.

Talk to college teachers or representatives about their curriculum and ask what is involved in training. If their programs are accelerated, this may be an advantage or disadvantage for your future. As you can see, it’s all in the details.

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