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Air Conditioning Schools in Florida with Program Overviews

Higher Education Articles March 12, 2013

Miami Dade College and Florida State College in Jacksonville offer training and certification programs in air conditioning service and installation. Associate degree and certificate programs are offered to students who are interested in working with heating and air conditioning units.

Air Conditioning Programs at Florida State College (Jacksonville)

Florida State College was formerly known as Florida Community College, and has five regional centers along with five campuses. The college attracts over 25,000 students and offers three options to students who are interested in careers in heating and air conditioning field.

Certificate in Heating Technology Assistant, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning

This is a twelve-credit hour certificate program that includes general courses in types of temperature and heat conversion, refrigeration cycle, and refrigeration and air conditioning theory. A course in HVAC controls will prepare students for troubleshoot and setup problems with mechanical and electrical controls of commercial air conditioning systems. Students will concentrate on heat pumps, ventilation, and heating with electricity and gas in the applied heating course.

Certificate in Heating Technology Technician, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning

This certificate program involves twenty-four credit hours in professional courses ranging from biological theory to refrigeration. Students will gain knowledge in setting up controls, identifying and fixing problems with mechanical and electrical commercial air conditioning controls.

Other air conditioning courses cover refrigeration line sizing, duct design, and commercial brazing and piping. Courses in applied heating concentrate on oil, electricity, and heating with gas. All of the required courses can be applied to the Associate of Applied Science in Heating Technology, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning program.

Associate in Applied Science in Heating Technology, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning

Sixty-four credit hours are required to be completed by students in order for them to complete this associate degree program. The required courses on refrigeration theory and air conditioning, students are taught about measuring different types of temperature and heat conversion, as well as the cycle of refrigeration. The basic schematics and electricity course covers writing and reading a variety of diagrams, electrical components and motor testing. Students have to complete hands-on job training in two HVAC work experience courses.

Contact Information
•Address: 501 West State Street, Jacksonville, Florida 32202
•Phone Number: (904) 359-5433

Air Conditioning Programs at Miami Dade College

An Associate in Science in Heating Technology, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning is offered at Miami Dade College’s School of Computer and Engineering Technologies. Bachelor and associate degrees are offered at this four-year college; in addition to one- and two-year certificate programs. This school attracts over 170,000 students to their eight campuses.

Associate in Science in Heating Technology, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning

Coursework in this major program covers measurement, controls, system design and air conditioning basics. Air conditioning seminar that students are required to attend; they will discover advancement in air conditioning technology, equipment, and new concepts. Technical drawing course that is required teaches instrumental drawing and computer-aided. Once students complete the course in air conditioning equipment, they begin to study industrial refrigeration system design for food processing.

Contact Information
•Address: 300 N.E. 2nd Avenue, Miami, Florida 33132
•Phone Number: (305) 237-8888


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