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Associate Degree Programs You Can Pursue in the United States

Higher Education Articles November 29, 2012

For those who don’t have the time or inclination to complete a bachelor degree, an associate degree is a great choice because it takes only half as long to complete and put you on a path to a brighter future. This article will provide a brief overview of sixteen associate degree programs with a variety of sub options that students can aim to pursue in the United States:

Agriculture: If you have a bent for agriculture, you can complete an associate degree in either Animal Management (care of animals) or Agribusiness (equipment sales and farm management).

Architecture: A penchant for architecture could lead you towards pursuing an associate degree in Landscaping Design, Interior Architecture and Design, Landscape Architecture, or Architecture.

Biological and Biomedical Sciences:   A student can complete an associate degree in Biotechnology that will help launch their career as an entry level lab assistant.

Business: If running a business is your primary inclination, then you should pursue an associate degree in Logistics, Management Information Systems, Marketing Management or Taxation.

Communications and Journalism: If communication is your forte, you can target an associate degree in Advertising, Digital Media, English, Journalism, or Public Relations.

Computer Sciences: If you are a computer geek, you can target an associate degree in Computer Analysis, Game Design, Internetwork Engineering, Aspiring Computer Specialists, or Administrative Information Processing.

Culinary Arts and Personal Services: If you want a career in applied sciences, you can target an associate degree in Cosmetology Business, Applied Science (AAS): Accelerated Culinary Arts, Baking and Pastry or Culinary Arts.

Education: If you aspire for a career in education, you can target an associate degree program for aspiring Preschool Teachers, or one in Early Childhood Special Education, Elementary Education, Library Science, or Early Childhood Education (AECE).

Engineering: If a career in engineering is your preference, you can target an associate degree in Auto CAD Drafting, Biomedical Equipment Technology, Engineering Technology, Industrial Engineering, or Mathematics.

Legal: For a career in law, you can pursue an associate degree to become a Police Officer, Criminal Science, Crime Scene Investigation, Paralegal, or Fire Protection Technology.

Liberal Arts and Humanities: If you prefer liberal arts, you can target an associate degree in Child Development, Christian Ministry, History, Interdisciplinary Studies, or International Relations.

Mechanic and Repair Technologies: If you enjoy working with machines, you can target an associate degree in Automotive Maintenance Technology, Aviation Mechanics, Boat Mechanics, Boat Repair and Maintenance, or Cabinet Design Technology

Medical and Health Professions: To launch yourself in a career related to medicine, you can aim to do an Anesthesia Technician Associate Degree Program, or choose to major in Anesthesiology, Aromatherapy, Audiology, or Cardiovascular Technology.

Physical Sciences: For a career in physical sciences, you can target an associate degree in Environmental Science, Wildlife Management, or opt to complete an Environmental Studies Associate Degree Program.

Psychology: If psychology is your love, you can aspire to pursue an Associate of Arts in Psychology, or choose to major in General Psychology or Behavioral Science.

Visual and Performing Arts: For a career in visual and performing arts, you can target an associate degree in Art or Music.

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