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Five Degrees for Prospering Tech Jobs

Higher Education Articles November 14, 2012

If you are thinking of going back to school to pursue a degree in the current growing tech industry, then read on to find out the best degrees that are in high demand. Research has shown that technology careers are thriving with the current economic crisis. There is a positive outlook, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, for technology related jobs.

Besides, jobs in computer and tech-related fields remain at the top according to the job projections conducted by the U.S. Department of Labor. There  is a wide range of great job opportunities in technology and computer industry. This article has compiled the best degree courses for thriving tech careers.

Bachelor Degree in IT and Information Systems

A degree in information technology and information system are among the best in the technology sector. This degree enables you to work closely with both humans and computers. This career involves providing technical support, assistance, and recommendations regarding information technology. The average salary for this profession is $49,930.

Bachelor Degree in Computer Programming

A bachelor degree in computer programming has significant potential. This degree helps you secure some of the hottest opportunities in the current job market. For example, database administrator, this typically involves storing, organizing, and analyzing computer database. A professional in this field earn an average salary of $75.730.

Computer Science Bachelor Degree

Computer science is considered the highest paid job opportunity in the technology industry.  Among the best paid job, a computer science graduate can pursue a position as a computer systems analyst. This career involves designing and developing new computer systems. For a computer scientist, an average salary is $81,250.

Information Science Bachelor Degree

Bachelor degree in information science is a great choice for securing a great technology related career. This field creates systems along with storing data. The field allows you to secure several computer-related jobs. Computer systems and network administrators normally work with network segments, WANs, LANs, as well as intranet and internet systems. The employment opportunities for this occupation are expected to grow by twenty-three percent from 2008 to 2018. This is based on the report released by the Department of Labor during 2008. Computer systems administrators are paid an average annual salary of $72,200.

Master of Business Administration Degree (MBA)

A master degree in business administration helps you secure a great managerial role in the technology industry.  This program primarily involves internet operations, network security, and software development. The employment opportunities for this profession are expected to grow by seventeen percent from 2008 to 2018. This is based on the report released by the Department of Labor during 2008. Computer and Information Systems managers average annual salary is $123,280.

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