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Substitute to a Bachelor Degree

Higher Education Articles November 23, 2012

Students who dreamt of securing a fulfilling career, but they are unable to pursue a bachelor degree should try different options.  The best alternative to a bachelor degree is certificate programs as well as associate degree programs. This article has compiled several alternatives that students can follow instead of enrolling into a four-year bachelor degree program.

Dental Assistant

Students can consider pursing a diploma or certificate in dental medicine. This major help students secure a job as a dental assistant. The average salary for this profession is $32,380.

Office Manager

This career suits someone who is organized and great with people. The main responsibilities of an office manager include ensuring the daily business operations and carrying out maximum supervision of staff members. To become an office manager, students are required to undertake an associate degree in business administration.An average annual salary for an office manager is $45,790.

Graphic Designer

Do you know how people view visual information, and are you computer literate, artistic, and creative? Then this career is perfect for you! An associate degree program in graphic design is required in order to secure a job as a graphic designer.  An average annual salary for someone in this profession is $42,400.

Medical Assistant

The duties of a medical assistant include offering assistance to doctors and nurses in providing medical care to patients along with keeping records in the office organized. Medical assistants are among the most rewarding careers that serve as an alternative to a four-year bachelor degree program. Students are required to have a diploma or a certificate in medical assisting. An average salary for this profession is $28,300.

Medical Coder

The primary duty of a medical coder is ensuring insurance companies and  health care providers work closely together. It is among the fastest growing careers around the world and extremely rewarding. Students can pursue an associate degree or a certificate in medical coding to secure this career. An average annual salary in this profession is $30,610.

Registered Nurse

This is the best alternative to a four-year bachelor degree. It is particularly beneficial, and there are high demands for this profession. Students need an associate degree or certification in nursing to become a registered nurse. An average salary for this profession is $62,450.


The internet is heavily used between individual and large corporations; therefore, website creation and maintenance becomes challenging that make webmasters valuable assets. To become a webmaster, students want to pursue an associate degree in computer programming or web design. An average salary for this profession is $65,320.

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