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Five Degrees Shy People can use to Break Their Shells & Thrive

Higher Education Articles November 28, 2012

If you are a shy person, you must look at degree programs that will enable you to break out of your shell. You are probably concerned about class participation in a crowded classroom. There is a real possibility that you choose a degree program that does not expect much interaction or interpersonal communication. In this article, I will show you the best degree programs for shy people that will help them shed their timid demeanors and get on with a lucrative career.


If you are naturally shy, but seek the best opportunity that allows you to express your opinion, a bachelor degree in communications may be a terrific fit. Coursework covered are group-based projects that will help ease away your shyness issue. Class exercises include opportunities to give speeches and present oral reports. Subjects covered include research methods, writing and dynamics of group communication. Completing a degree program in communications put you on a path to a potentially lucrative career as a reporter and correspondent, editor, or technical writer that attract  median annual salaries of $34,870, $52,380 and $64,610 respectively.

Business Administration

A bachelor degree in business administration will include team-oriented projects that replicate real world business practices, which will sharpen students interaction skills with others productively. Subjects covered include business law and ethics, economics, marketing and accounting. Completing a degree program in business administration put you on a path to a potentially lucrative career as a financial manager, financial analyst or HR manager, these positions attract median annual salaries of $107,160, $75,650 and $99,130 respectively.

Criminal Justice

A bachelor degree in criminal justice is ideal for shy people to break out of their shell by learning how to defend and protect other people in need along with expressing their concerns for public safety. The evaluation of prison systems and psychology of the criminal mind are subjects that can stimulate a shy person’s communicative side. Subjects covered include policing community, juvenile justice, criminology and statistics. Completing a degree program in criminal justice put you on a rewarding career path as a probation officer or correctional treatment specialist with a median annual salary of $47,840, or as a police officer earning $54,230 on average per annum.

Medical Assisting

If you love watching medical dramas on TV, but unable to voice your opinion when you are in a doctor’s office, a degree in medical assisting will help you pursue your passion without having your reserved personality become a hindrance in communicating with patients. Subjects covered include diseases of the human body, medical terminology and diagnostic procedures. Completing a degree program in medical assisting put you on a rewarding career path as a medical assistant earning median annual salary of $29,100.

Public Relations

If you are a shy person, do you feel tired of being talked at and preferred to do majority of the talking?  A bachelor degree program in public relations will help you achieve this goal by learning how to deal with the organization and people through highly visible way. You will sharpen your communication skills in group projects and marketing classes that will include working as a team player and making lots of presentations. Subjects covered include speech writing and principles of advertising. You will learn about image management and how to write press releases or develop a media campaign. Completing a degree program in public relations put you on a rewarding career path as a public relations specialist earning a median annual salary of $53,190; alternatively, you could become a public relations manager with a higher median annual salary of $86,470.

(Source of career information: U.S. Department of Labor).

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