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Five Degrees That Can Put You Ahead of the Competition

Higher Education Articles November 6, 2012

Although the economic crisis has lost its sting, there is still a lot of competition for jobs. It is particularly difficult for adults who have to contend with recently qualified young college grads for jobs. Adults can cope by going back to school to earn a degree. In this article, I’ll take a look at the various degrees that an adult could consider earning to move ahead of the competition.

Degree in Communications

A degree in communications would allow you to stay on top of a variety of modern communication media such as television, internet, mobile, and other mass media outlets. The knowledge gained from the course would give you tools you can use effectively in a wide range of areas in business such as human resources, general management, public relations, and marketing. The degree would prepare you for a career as a technical writer, editor, broadcast news analyst or public relation manager, among others.

Degree in Computer Science

If you love computers and want to stay abreast on the state of art tech skills, a bachelor degree in computer science is just what the doctor ordered. Learning programming languages such as Java and C++ and getting cognizant with the precise thinking that underscores programming will give you a competitive edge in the job market. The tools and knowledge you have gain will have significant value in the technology driven society that we live in. A computer science degree will help you embark on a career as a computer systems analyst, computer support specialist or software developer.

Degree in Business Administration (MBA)

A master in business administration will give you versatility and make you employable in many industries. The multi-faceted nature of business programs will make you an asset in the corporate world even if business is not your specialty. An MBA can help you chart a career path as a financial manager, market research analyst or financial analyst.

Degree in Human Resources

If you are seeking to hone your people management skills, a bachelor degree in human resources (HR) will help you achieve the goal while making you competitive in the job market. The course will give you interpersonal skills that will make you more effective at work.  Apart from making you an expert in trade areas such as handling health and safety issues, pay, training, and staffing; your standing in the job market are expected to rise given that Human Resource is a high-growth area. You can expect to make a career as a training and development manager, human resources manager or human resources specialist.

Degree in Finance

Are you fascinated by the world of finance and yet feel disadvantaged in relation to pursuing a degree or getting promoted in the field?  Then invest your time in a bachelor degree in finance. As a finance graduate; you are trained to make financial decisions for companies, with expertise gained in areas such as controlling costs, making investment decisions, raising funds, and planning. A degree in finance will help you pursue a career as a commercial loan officer, investment manager or financial adviser.

(Source: U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2012-13 Edition.)

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