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Information for Individuals with an Engineering Drafting and Design Degree

Higher Education Articles January 4, 2016

Learn what a degree program in Engineering, drafting and designing offers by reading the information below. In an overview, the program is responsible for offering associate’s degrees, although its main focus is to acquiesce students with knowledge on math, computer aided design and fluency.

Information on Engineering Drafting and Design Programs

By pursuing a degree program in Engineering drafting and designing, students gain knowledge that may be used to help engineers draw plans, irrespective of whether it is civil, mechanical or electric and electronic engineers. The main skills learnt at an associate’s degree level of learning are drafting technology and computer aided design (CAD) drafting. Students have to complete and pass exams in math and communications, besides the general drafting knowledge before they can graduate with a degree in this profession. Also, note that most of the learning in this degree program teaches students extensive knowledge in drafting software such as AutoCAD.

While the job growth rate in this profession is expected to decline by three percent, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, their annual salary as of 2012 is estimated to be at $51,940 annually.

Career Choices for those with an Engineering Drafting and Design Degree

The main career options for someone with a degree in Engineering drafting and designing are drafting and jobs in engineering office. Usually, drafters draw what engineers describe to them. To assist them with their work, they use CAD systems, which is a good tool when designing schematics or making any corrections and alterations.

Architectural and Civil Drafters

To start with, most people with a degree in drafting end up working as civil drafters. They use their skills to bring out engineers’ descriptions of construction projects into visual form. Additionally, civil drafters may also assist engineers in designing topographical and land use maps, which are both important during construction planning. Civil drafters are also expected to have knowledge in geology and geography as their services are required in many areas.

The BLS estimates that as of May 2014, an average civil drafter earned an annual salary of $52,480 while their career is expected to grow at a slow rate of one percent up to the year 2022.

Electrical and Electronics drafter

They prepare drafts for circuitry and wiring designs. Often, they create designs for large projects such as cable lines or power plants. In addition, electronic drafters are also responsible for creating the schematics used for electronic devices and equipment. Their annual average salary as per the BLS statistics was $52,040 in 2014, while the job growth rate for this career is expected to be around ten percent up to 2022.

Mechanical drafters

They create blueprints for the inner and outer workings of machinery. They however have to put into consideration the materials on use before coming up with drafts. They are mainly found in the automotive, plastics and manufacturing industries. As for their salary, the BLS estimates an average of $55,260 per annum in 2014. It is however bad news that these professionals are expected to decrease in demand for the next seven years (up to 2022) with their profession growing at a negative rate of five percent.

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