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What Are the Requirements for Becoming a Pastry Baker?

Higher Education Articles December 11, 2014

Though a pastry baker sounds like a good job, it can also be demanding both physically and mentally. According to the Houston Chronicle, a pastry baker must be able to lift large items, such as 50 or 100 lbs sacks of ingredients, they must be mobile enough to operate the equipment, and must be able to stand on their feet for up to 12 hours at a time. Along with the skills mentioned, they also need the manual skills to be able to shape breads and decorate with icings, frosting, and fondants.

Pastry bakers must be dependable and flexible to the needs of the company and its demands. There is a focus that is needed for creations and chemical balance to ensure the best-tasting pastries.

Overview of the Career

Many skills come into play when thinking about the requirements to become a pastry baker. Having the skills to lift, operate, and stand for long periods of time and the focusing skills to shape and create are important. Being generally educated in literacy and numeracy to formulate working with some math skills, such as percentages, consistence, focus, and organization are also critical to creating a tasty and successful pastry baker.

Being able to create pastries that entice sales by the creation of delectable smells will lead to successful company revenue. The smell of fresh baked breads can be a deal maker, you can bet on that!

Licenses and Certifications

Do you need some kind of license or certification to be a pastry baker? No, this is not normally required to be a pastry baker. This first level of certification of pastry baker is Certified Journey Baker, which requires one year or 2,000 hours of commercial or retail baking experience. You must pass the written test and sanitation test.
Certified baker includes four years of prerequisites of commercial and retail baking plus 30 hours of sanitation training obtained from a school, government agency, or association. You can also become a certified decorator, which consists of your practical skills, decorating skills and techniques, creativity, and presentation skills.

Certified master baker includes eight years of commercial and retail baking along with 30 hours of bakery management. The exam will consist of bakery science, sanitation, and a practical test. Then, you must bake and decorate different items to be judged on your creativity and presentation techniques.

The Choice Is Yours

Whether you choose to work under another pastry baker as a trainee or opt for higher education, you will want to check out your education options. There are schools out there that will concentrate on pastry baking education. There are also schools that concentrate on Italian cuisine and French cuisine.

Do your research and find the school that fits what kind of certification or degree needs you are seeking. Ask about financial assistance that you may qualify for. This will help lift the concerns of financial worries and allow you to concentrate more on the studies at hand. It will make a difference because well-paid cooks, and good cooks, are always happy cooks.

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