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An Associate of Science in Engineering: a Successful Future as an Engineer

Majors Overview December 10, 2013

The Associate of Science in Engineering (A.S.E.) is a degree program that gives students the cutting-edge education in technology that will allow them to compete in today’s highly technical world. The A.S.E. degree provides a solid education in all the areas an engineer needs to shine in: mathematics, physics, science and carefully selected general-education courses will help you climb the ladder to success in this field. Above all professions, engineers need to be highly educated in science and mathematics, and the A.S.E. provides you with courses that will place you above the rest of your competitors in terms of knowledge.

Most Associate of Science in Engineering programs are unique in that they will provide you with the prerequisites necessary to begin school now. Placement tests that students can study for online allow the students to immediately enter into upper-level courses with their peers. Within the A.S.E., students can specialize further in computer, mechanical, electrical or chemical engineering.

Courses Typically Taken for the Associate of Science in Engineering

A.S.E. students must take a few courses in composition, pass a reading proficiency exam and take a course in writing about technical subjects. After meeting a basic math requirement, students can begin taking their core courses in Logic, Chemistry I and II, Physics I, II and III, Computer Programming for Engineers, Calculus I, II and III, Differential Equations, Mechanics I and II, Logical Design, Digital Design, and Electronics Laboratories. In addition to these courses, the student will take several courses in their choice of specialty.

Associate of Science in Engineering Outcomes

After completing their associate’s degree, the student should be able to:

•Use critical thinking to master a variety of intellectual problems
•Apply problem-solving skills to matters of mechanics, electronics, logic, design, computer programming and other tasks
•Analyze academic and job-related issues using acquired knowledge
•Demonstrate extensive technical knowledge
•Apply and invent strategies in the workplace and world at large to solve problems.

Future Educational Possibilities

The A.S.E. is unique in that it is designed for students who plan on possibly returning to school later to complete a bachelor’s degree or more. A Master of Science in Engineering will allow the graduate to market themselves as managers or teach courses at the college level. The courses are all transferable later into a four-year program.

Employment Opportunities with an Associate of Science in Engineering

As our world becomes increasingly technical, there will be no shortage of demand for engineers. Students with an A.S.E. can get jobs as an engineer technician in their area of specialty. There are high paying jobs for mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, computer technicians and chemical engineers. With the A.S.E., such technicians can expect to earn somewhere between $22.00 and $24.00 an hour. Go back later to get your master’s, and the salaries can skyrocket to between $75,000 and $150,000 a year.

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