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Associate Degree Program in Administrative Information Processing

Majors Overview April 19, 2013

In this article, students will receive information on career prospects, courses, and requirements, if they are interested in pursuing an associate degree program in administrative information processing.

Administrative Information Processing Associate Degree Program

An administrative information processing associate degree program is also known as office information processing or office administration technology; this program teaches students to work in clerical positions in businesses. Community colleges and technical schools offer this as a two-year degree program that trains graduates in different office computer applications, including spreadsheets and word processing, as well as basic office practices such as business communications. Students may also study general business mathematics and accounting. Students who want to enroll in an associate degree program in administrative information processing are required to hold a general educational development (GED) certificate or high school diploma.

Program Coursework

Through an associate degree program in administrative information processing, students will learn how to use office software in practical ways, including managing data on a spreadsheet or creating a business presentation. Individuals will be required to complete core curriculum courses in science, mathematics, social studies, and English. Course topics may include the following:

•Business presentations
•Records management
•Word processing
•Desktop publishing
•Dictation and transcription
•Business communications

Career Options

The associate degree program will teach students basic skills that will allow them to obtain most jobs in an office setting. Graduates from an associate degree program may find employment opportunities at retail firms, health care facilities, insurance companies, hotels, government agencies, hospitals, and law firms. Career options may include:

•Administrative assistant

Certification and Continuing Education

Students who have graduated from administrative information processing associate degree program may add to their knowledge, and perhaps improve their employment opportunities, through specialization. Students may select electives or take additional courses, which will allow them to obtain associate degrees or certificates in medical or legal administrative assisting.

Individuals who have earned an associate degree in administrative information processing may advance their education by pursuing a bachelor degree program in business administration. Students should check with their academic advisor to see if they are able to transfer credits earned from their associate degree program to the bachelor degree program.

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