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Associate Degree Program in Technology Management

Majors Overview June 19, 2013

Students who have earned their associate degree in technology management will be prepared to manage or supervise the technical staff of a corporation or business. Technology management associate degree programs are rare, but are offered at universities and community colleges. They are usually used as bridge programs to bachelor degree programs in the field.

Associate of Science (A.S.) in Technology Management

Colleges and universities in the U.S. do not usually offer two-year associate degree programs in technology management. However, technology management associate degree program that do exist are typically designed to allow students to transfer credits earned to a four-year bachelor degree program in technology management rather than enter the workforce.

Technology management associate degree programs provide students with an introduction to management and business principles, such as organizational leadership and financial accounting. Students also gain an introduction to supply chain technologies, process improvement systems, information systems, and network technologies.

Education Requirements

Community colleges typically offer associate’s degree programs in technology management and accept applicants who hold a general educational development (GED) certificate or a high school diploma. Individuals with an aptitude for science and math are ideally suited for such a program.

Program Course Topics

Along with completing core courses in technological systems, management, and business, students will also complete basic educational courses in humanities, science, and mathematics. Program course topics may include the following:

•Business software essentials
•Quality management
•Operations management
•Information security
•Information systems
•Networking technologies
•Introduction to Accounting
•Management principles
•Organizational leadership

Career Options

Students who have earned their associate and bachelor degree in technology management will be eligible to start working in various careers. Individuals may obtain the following positions:

•Project manager, technologies
•Director of Information Systems
•Technology manager
•Chief technology officer

Continuing Education Information

Technology management bachelor degree programs are far more common than associate degree program in the field. Most organizations and businesses hiring technology managers prefer to take on candidates who hold a bachelor degree. Such programs provide students with an in-depth understanding of supply chain management, network technologies, technology and software management, and organizational management principles. Students who have earned their bachelor degree should consider pursuing a master degree program in technology management.

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