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Overview of Associate of Business Degree: Information Systems

Majors Overview May 20, 2013

Students enrolled in an associate degree program with an emphasis on information systems are provided with computer skills needed to perform the operations of a business. Graduates from an associate degree program can seek entry-level jobs in various organizations and businesses or may opt for continuing education through enrollment in a bachelor’s degree program in related topic areas.

Associate Degree Program in Information Systems

While there are a few schools that offer Associate of Business programs, associate degree programs in business information technology or information technology are more common. Enrolled students in the associate degree programs are given sound foundational knowledge in business functions and management skills related to general areas such as resource management, accounting, production, management and marketing. Additionally, students are taught about an array of telecommunication mediums and software applications that businesses rely on for lending efficiency to their operations, aiding in the analysis of data and helping in the organization of information. Admission criteria typically require applicants to hold a general educational development (GED) certificate or a high school diploma.

Program Coursework

Curricula concentrate on concepts in database design, records management, and integrated solutions. Depending on the degree programs, some will include an internship that allows students to gain hands-on experience in the field. Program course topics may include the following:

•Information systems management
•Managerial accounting
•Customer service
•Financial accounting
•Business law

Career Options

Companies are becoming increasingly reliant upon information databases and computer technology, and graduates can find employment in various small and large industries, government agencies, and businesses. Students who have earned their associate degree may find employment within the following fields:

•Technical support
•Decision support
•Information systems
•Customer support
•Database management

Information on Continuing Education

Those seeking employment in positions such as computer and information systems manager and computer systems analyst would be best served by enrolling in a bachelor degree program in computer science, computer information systems or related fields. Some associate degree programs will allow students to transfer credits earned to a four-year bachelor degree program. Students enrolled a bachelor degree program will be trained in the implementation of design theories, analysis of systems, testing of networks and forming of strategies for troubleshooting problems.

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