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Overview of the Certificate Program in Case Management

Majors Overview August 21, 2016

A certificate program in case management is meant to prepare nurses to give quality healthcare treatment to patients. To learn more about the program, necessary training, job outlook and salary details for graduates of this program, read this article.

Information on Case Management Certificate Program

This certificate program takes students through the history of case management, work ethics and the working environment for these professionals. In addition, the program teaches students about the various types of insurance issues they may have to deal with in their profession as well as other different methods of handling various cases in the hospitals and healthcare facilities. In most cases, a certificate program in case management may be offered as a post baccalaureate option. Usually, learners have background training in nursing, probably usually a bachelor’s degree. In some cases, a certificate in case management may help an individual get industrial certification often after a substantial amount of work experience.

Certificate Program in Case Management

This certificate helps students understand the various aspects of their career, such as dealing with insurance issues, mental health, home care and case management issues. Coursework for this degree program often does not vary and mainly revolve around the following topics:

•Case work reposting
•Special populations
•Case manager functions
•Certification preparation
•Quality management

Common Career Options

As we had mentioned earlier, working nurses are the people who pursue certificate programs in case management the most, followed by counselors, physicians and social workers. After the certificate program, qualified students can then seek employment in areas such as:

•Acute care settings
•Insurance companies
•Mental health care settings

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, human and social service assistants were estimated to earn an average salary of $30,830 in 2015. On the other hand, these professionals who deals with case management issues, will see their career rise at an average rate of 11% in the coming years. In terms of salary outlook, has the average earnings of a social service case manager at $33,953, $65,478 for nurse case managers while mental health case managers were estimated to have earned $34,532 in 2014.

Certification Details

Once a student completes the certificate program in case management, he or she can then pursue necessary certification from the Commission for Case Manager Certification (CCMC). While certification is not always compulsory, it plays a role in acquiring employment in the prestigious organizations or healthcare facilities with higher pays. In addition to this, certification may also mark as a sign of distinction from fellow job seekers or employees when seeking for promotional positions. The certification process often requires the graduates to have completed prerequisites programs, pass a written examination and have some amount of experience in this profession. Finally, note that this certification is usually valid for only five years and as such, certification will need to be renewed once the time is up.

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